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Photo #16 – 11.30.08

Overlook Mountain Panorama, Catskills

In late October, the NY/NJ area got a blast of snowy weather that came out of nowhere. We got about 3-6 inches in our area of NJ, but up in the Catskills of NY, the mountain summits got up to a foot of snow. I took a trip up to Albany for work for another map printing, and on the way back down to NJ, I went for my first hike in the Catskill Mountains. At the base of the mountain, there was only a light sprinkling of snow. But after hiking 2.5 miles and 1400 vertical feet, the summit of Overlook Mountain had about 8-10 inches of snow, and the views from the top were outstanding. The mixture of orange fall foliage, a fresh blanket of white snow, and a deep blue sky was quite a sight.

This panorama was created from multiple photos taken from a fire tower on the summit of the mountain. It is looking southwest/west into the heart of the Catskills, and the large Ashokan Reservoir is visible on the left (this is one of the larger NYC water sources). All in all, I had a beautiful and tiring hike up Overlook Mountain in the snow.


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