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Photo #47 – 12.31.08

Ocean Sunrise

I always enjoy a good sunrise, especially when the clouds and other surroundings complement the rising sun.  This sunrise was in early January of 2006 while Heather, Amy, Brian and I were cruising down in the Bahamas.  Aside from feeling like I was the only passenger on the ship at that time (the outside decks were pretty much empty), it was pretty cool to see the sun rise upon the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

So if you are out allll night tonight celebrating the coming of 2009, check out the sunrise in the morning…I doubt you’ll be disappointed!  Happy New Year!


Photo #46 – 12.30.08

One-Room Kansas Schoolhouse (From a Distance)

This is Kansas.  Mostly flat, wide-open fields, tiny patches of trees, and an occasional building that pops up from the horizon.  In this case, the tiny building in the distance is an old one-room schoolhouse:

One-Room Kansas Schoolhouse (Up Close)

As the sign indicates, this building was a schoolhouse from 1887-1965, and my mom was a student there during some of the last years of its operation as a school.  We all paid a visit to this cozy schoolhouse and took a grand tour of the inside, and then someone my mom knew from her childhood stopped by.  My sister and I had a great time on the rusty swings outside too.  I believe it has been used from some community functions from time to time, as there were somewhat-recent 4-H signs and stuff.

Whenever my mom tells people she went to school in a tiny one-room schoolhouse in the countryside of Kansas, she usually gets a response like “Really??  You actually went to a one-room school??”

Photo #45 – 12.29.08

Sunset in the Yukon…at 11:15PM

The nights up in the North sure are short in the early summer!  Here in the beginning of July, the sun set around 11 at night and rose around 4.  During the night, though, it never really gets too dark because the sun doesn’t sink that far below the horizon…so when I headed to the outhouse one morning at 2am, I didn’t even need a light since it was a dusky gray out.

This sunset was gorgeous as the reds and oranges reflected off the clouds, which in turn was reflected in the flowing Wheaton River and cast the entire landscape in an orange hue.  After taking this photo and watching the clouds a bit longer, it was time to head back inside to bed for another fun day of field work the next day!

I never thought I’d sleep with a mask covering my eyes…but after my summer trip of camping in the Yukon, that eye mask was oh so nice.

Photo #44 – 12.28.08

Flat Brook in Stokes State Forest

The Flat Brook starts out as a fairly small brook in Stokes State Forest, flowing in shallow streams often filled with boulders of various sizes.  As it flows south out of Stokes and into the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, it gets a little bit bigger before reaching the Delaware River just north of Millbrook Village.

This portion of the Flat Brook is between the Steam Mill Trail (on the right bank in this photo) and the Parker Trail (on the left bank).  I was out on the Steam Mill Trail collecting GPS data for our new hiking maps covering all of High Point State Park, Stokes State Forest, and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  I’m allllmost done with this trail map set…and I would recommend anyone that does any outdoor activities in this region to pick up a copy when it is available!

Photo #43 – 12.27.08

Parents in the Corn

This is what happens when you put my parents in a corn maze…they inevitably pose for a goofy picture!  Or maybe a couple of goofy pictures…

Mom and Dad Did It!

This corn maze was up in northern Vermont, and is ‘The Great Vermont Corn Maze’.  We only did the tiny corn maze because we figured we did not want to spend a couple hours trying to go through the large maze…  Fortunately, we all made it out alive, and then we played a big game of Ring Around the Rosy up on a hilltop overlooking the corn maze and surrounding Vermont landscape (Hannah and Madison insisted).

I’m sure my parents would give the Great Vermont Corn Maze two thumbs up.

Photo #42 – 12.26.08

Sparkling Star Trails in the Yukon

Have you ever seen the night sky quite like this?  I would guess not, since this is a 3 hour exposure of the northern sky that I captured one chilly night in the Yukon.  I brought my old 35mm camera up to try out some interesting starry sky pictures, and on this night I set up my tripod, opened the shutter, and went back inside to bed.  I had centered the shot on the North Star to creat the circular star trails effect, and the skies had been super clear when I set it up.  I set my alarm for 3 hours later, stumbled out of bed, put a bunch of layers on, and closed the shutter on the camera.  Hoping I got a good shot, I packed up the camera and went back to bed.

Upon developing the film later, I found that some clouds must have swept in at various times, causing some of the bright star trails to appear interrupted.  It actually created a pretty neat effect in my opinion!  I was able to get some other great star shots on other nights also…it definitely helped to be miles away from any sort of light pollution!

Photo #41 – 12.25.08

Merry Christmas!!

Heather and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!