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Photo #137 – 03.31.09

Kid Gorilla

This little guy certainly had a fun time playing all around, rolling in the grass, chillin’ out and relaxin’ on a hot summer day.  He was in the gorilla area at Bronx Zoo, and I call him a little guy not only because he was a younger gorilla, but also because there were some huge gorillas in there with him.  They were especially huge when they came right up to the viewing windows.

Photo #136 – 03.30.09

Strawberry Fields

If you love strawberries, but have never gone strawberry picking, I’d suggest you go this summer!  Heather and I had a fun time at this strawberry farm, the Sussex County Strawberry Farm, back in 2004, and I think we picked way too many strawberries.  They were delicious, though, and we’ve been meaning to go back again, so hopefully we’ll get there this June!

Photo #135 – 03.29.09

Here Comes Spring!

It’s that time of year again, when trees start to bloom, the sun starts to stay out a little longer, and parents dress their kids in wonderful outfits for Easter and other springtime activities.  Here we have a beautiful photo from March 26th, 1989 of us kids: Kristin is sporting a nice green dress, Victoria is looking cute in her blue dress, Michael is playin’ it cool in his collared shirt and jeans, and I am…well…I’m not quite sure what I’m wearing.  But I’m sure I liked it at the time.

Yay for Spring!

Photo #134 – 03.28.09

Fluffy White Clouds

I just love super blue skies and little, fluffy clouds.  Don’t you?

Photo #133 – 03.27.09

Pelly River Car (Truck) Ferry

So you’re driving your double-tanker of gasoline along the dusty dirt “highways” of the Yukon, traveling from Whitehorse (the capital city) to the Northwest Territories, and all of a sudden you get to the tiny town of Ross River, approach the majestic Pelly River, and find that there is only a dinky pedestrian bridge across the river (it’s actually the longest suspension pedestrian bridge in the Yukon!).  To cross in your double-tanker, you’ve got to drive onto a ferry that is juuuust barely big enough to fit your load.  But make sure you get there between 8am and 5pm, or else you’ve just got to park and wait…  Of course, if you get there in the winter, you can just cross on the thick ice!

This photo was taken from the pedestrian bridge, and the tanker had a tough time getting on the ferry.  The weird thing is that the road on the other side is a horrible dirt road that was rough with an SUV…and doesn’t really lead anywhere…so we were definitely curious why this tanker was going there in the first place.

Another Yukon mystery…

Photo #132 – 03.26.09

Schneeballen in Deutschland!

In the medieval old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, these delicious Schneeballen are a local speciality, and there were all kinds of them in every bakery window throughout the town.  Schneeballen (or Snowballs) are made up of a bunch of dough strips formed into a ball that are fried and then covered with anything and everything.  I forget what kind I had tried, but I wasn’t too crazy about them…I think it was the flavor I didn’t like, so I should have tried a different one.  And unlike regular snowballs, these fried treats were actually pretty hard.

So if you are ever wandering the streets of Rothenburg, and your stomach starts rumbling, walk into the nearest bakery and say, “Ich möchte ein Schneeball, bitte!”

Photo #131 – 03.25.09

Tomato Tree?

Have you ever seen a tomato tree?  This tomato tree here holds a Guinness World Record for number of tomatoes harvested at 32,000…that’s a lot of tomatoes!  It is in the greenhouse at Epcot in Disney World, and the tomatoes are served in some of the restaurants in Epcot.  One of the attractions, ‘Living With the Land’, takes you through the greenhouse and all the weird things in there, including pumpkins that have Mickey ears.