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Photo #167 – 04.30.09

Recycled Glass and Concrete

If you ever find you have a surplus of glass electric insulators and colorful glass bottles…like green Perrier bottles, brown Mrs. Butterworth’s bottles, and clear soda bottles…consider arranging them in cool patterns and dumping concrete all around them.  Then create some wavy patterns, stand it up in the middle of the woods, and voila!, you’ve got instant art!

This was another piece of art, along with the blue hair dude I’ve previously posted, on the grounds of Luna Parc, an environmental sculpture park that is interesting to say the least.  If you’re up for checking out this eclectic collection of stuff, as well as a one-of-a-kind crazy house, you can visit during the open house held in June.

Photo #166 – 04.29.09

Traffic at Night

I first started exploring long exposure photography in my photography course at Susquehanna University.  For my final project, I shot a few rolls of film of traffic zooming by on the main stretch in different locations.  It was a little bit rainy that night, so I had an umbrella with me to shield the camera.  I believe this photo was taken from a Taco Bell parking lot…and I’m sure I didn’t look too suspicious standing in the rain near the road holding an umbrella over a big tripod (and not myself!)…

After shooting three rolls of film, I really had no idea how they would turn out, but since I tried a bunch of different settings with shutter speed and aperture, I was hoping a few would come out okay.  In the end, I got 4 great traffic shots that were all a little bit different, and my professor thought my final project was pretty cool.

Photo #165 – 04.28.09

Alles ist gut in Liechtenstein!

This is Vaduz Castle in the tiny country of Liechtenstein, and if you aren’t paying close attention while driving along, you might miss this castle as well as the country itself!  Liechtenstein is only about 15 miles long and is the sixth-smallest independent nation in the world.  Interestingly, it is also one of only two doubly-landlocked countries (meaning it is a landlocked country surrounded by other landlocked countries, Switzerland and Austria).

After a fun trip on the Swiss Autobahn from the city of Lucerne, our tour bus stopped at a nice little souvenir shop below the castle and we were able to take in the sights of Liechtenstein for a few minutes.  We then continued on our way to Germany to explore some more great castles, like Neuschwanstein.

Photo #164 – 04.27.09

Toilet = 24 Inches!

When Jon and Kristin were building their new home, Madison wanted to help out as much as she possibly could.  She was pretty good with the tape measure especially.  Here you can see her measuring the toilet to make sure it’ll fit in the new bathroom.  Madison told us it was 24 inches, and that sounded close enough.

Of course, then she told us that Heather was 24 inches tall…so maybe Madison needs to work on her tape measure skills!

Heather = 24 Inches!

Photo #163 – 04.26.09

Emerald Lake, Yukon Territory

(For the full resolution of this panorama, click here!)

Along the Klondike Highway between Whitehorse and Carcross, Emerald Lake is such a brilliantly-colored lake that you just cannot help but to stop on the roadside pull-out and take in the blue-green waters.  It definitely helps that it is mostly surrounded by a wonderful Yukon landscape.  In addition, the mountain in the background is Grey Ridge, and right on the other side of this ridge is the Wheaton River and the location of our cabin.

Photo #162 – 04.25.09

Rest in Peace, Grandma Joaquin

The Joaquin family has had to say goodbye to a wonderful grandma, mother, and wife.  Mary Joaquin passed away on Thursday after experiencing a variety of health complications over recent years.  We are sad to not have her with us any longer, but we are all sure she is in a happier place.

The above photo was taken this past fall as the whole family gathered together for an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Grandma certainly had her hands full with this Joaquin family, but she definitely helped instill a great sense of family among all of her kids and grandkids.  And for that, we are all so thankful.

Rest in Peace, Grandma.

Photo #161 – 04.24.09


This is one guy you do not want to happen upon when wandering about in nature…unless he happens to be in a big exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.

Look at those nails on his paw!  At least he has a cute, cuddly face.