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Photo #198 – 05.31.09

Red Ridge

Red Ridge is composed of a couple peaks that, when not covered in snow, are a beautiful red color.  When they are covered with snow, they are still strikingly beautiful, especially as they rise up from this low-lying wetland that you drive through as you approach Red Ridge and the Wheaton Valley beyond it.


Photo #197 – 05.30.09

Big Ball Sprinkler

This big ball is probably the coolest sprinkler I’ve ever seen.  And both Madison and Hannah would probably agree with me.  Madison definitely wasn’t afraid of going right up to the ball and covering some holes with her hands, getting completely drenched in the process.  In addition, Jon would turn the water off, and when the kids would go up to the ball to wonder what happened to the water…they got a faceful of cold water!

Photo #196 – 05.29.09

Arikaree Breaks

Just north of St. Francis, moments before you cross from Kansas into Nebraska, the super-flat farmlands and pastures disappear and a bunch of canyons and cliffs called the Arikaree Breaks stretch across the landscape.  This rough terrain extends for about 36 miles and is a couple miles wide, and the canyons and gullies are the result of water carving out the Loess soil (wind-deposited sand and silt particles) that was deposited here around 10,000 years ago.  Kristin is out on one of the cliffs for scale, and the farm that my mom grew up on was less than 10 miles south of the Breaks.

Photo #195 – 05.28.09

Yukon Fireweed

The official flower of the Yukon Territory, fireweed can be found alllll over the place during the summer months.  It gets its name from being one of the first flowers to appear after a forest fire has cleared much of the vegetation.  The landscape in the background is a relatively new forest that started after a major forest fire cleared about 1.5 million acres back in 1958.

Photo #194 – 05.27.09

Taughannock Falls, Ithaca, NY

It may not quite seem like it from this photo, but Taughannock Falls is actually a pretty impressive waterfall…if there is water flowing over the falls!  This waterfall, located just north of Ithaca on the western side of Cayuga Lake, is the largest single drop waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains at 215 feet (33 feet taller than Niagara…but not nearly as wide).  The gorge that the water has carved out is pretty cool, and when there is water gushing over the edge, it’s even cooler.

This photo was taken on a glacial geology trip with one of my classes at Lehigh, but the waterfall was much more impressive on a similar trip a couple years earlier with a class from Susquehanna (we actually tagged along with a group from Lehigh, and that is how I first became interested in going to Lehigh for grad school).

Photo #193 – 05.26.09

Leggs’ Ice Cream Cone

Leggs is quite a fan of soft-serve vanilla ice cream.  If he had it his way, he would have gulped the whole cone down, but once he realized that Heather was not going to let him do that, he started licking the ice cream.  When he got to the cone, Leggs wasn’t quite sure what to do, but he chomped that down in a couple of bites.  In the end, Leggs had quite a lot of ice cream on his nose, snout, whiskers, and chin…he looked like he had really enjoyed that treat.

Photo #192 – 05.25.09

Memorial Day

In remembrance of the U.S. men and women that have died while serving this country.

This photo was taken in Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  The fort was built in preparation for the Civil War, but not a single cannon was fired (a confederate ship was on its way to San Francisco in the summer of 1865, but turned around when the captain learned that the war was over).  Other forts built like this on the East Coast, like Fort Sumter and Fort Pulaski, were severely damaged in battles that saw a number of casualties.