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Photo #228 – 06.30.09

Senior Year Cruise Around New York City

Isn’t high school great?  I had a fun time throughout my four years, and senior year was no exception.  Near the end of our senior year in 2001, our class took a nice dinner cruise around New York City.  It maybe wasn’t the most exciting thing to do, but the food was good, and it was cool walking around on the boat checking out the nearby city.  Before we left the dock, a bunch of us were taking some group photos, and a few of my good friends got together for the photo above in front of lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center dominating the skyline.

Don’t we look good??


Photo #227 – 06.29.09

Ken & Lindsay’s Wedding, 1 Year Ago

Congratulations to Ken and Lindsay on making it through their first year as a married couple!  We had a great time at their wedding last year, and I’m sure it doesn’t even feel like it has been a whole year already to Ken and Lindsay.

Photo #226 – 06.28.09

Spruce Tree Hugger

Spruces are great trees to hug…especially with all their sharp needles and the dense amount of dead, brittle branches closer to the trunk.

While that may be true, I am not in fact hugging the spruce in the above photo.  Instead, I am measuring its diameter.  My first summer in the Yukon, I was assisting with other some research, and this part of it dealt with trying to describe large amounts of forest based on some representative sample of the forest.  It was actually a great experience.

Photo #225 – 06.27.09

Yertle the Turtle

Well, I’m not sure if his name is Yertle…and he isn’t exactly sitting on top of a throne of other poor turtles…but I enjoyed the Dr. Seuss ‘Yertle the Turtle’ story as a kid.

Photo #224 – 06.26.09

Happy Noah

Happy Noah

Little Noah certainly is getting big, and he always seems so happy!  It usually doesn’t take too much to get him giggling and smiling.

Photo #223 – 06.25.09

Matryoshkas and Rolled Tongues

Matryoshkas and Rolled Tongues

This is what happens when Hannah and I start playing.  It starts out innocent enough, with both of us playing with a couple of those Matryoshka nesting doll things (one was all nursery rhyme characters).  Then all of a sudden, we’re holding them up to our ears, rolling our tongues, and posing for the camera…

It’s fun being a kid.

Photo #222 – 06.24.09

Green Slime

A lush alien landscape?  A waterfall in the Congo?  The internal organs of Oscar the Grouch?  You decide.