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Photo #228 – 06.30.09

Senior Year Cruise Around New York City

Isn’t high school great?  I had a fun time throughout my four years, and senior year was no exception.  Near the end of our senior year in 2001, our class took a nice dinner cruise around New York City.  It maybe wasn’t the most exciting thing to do, but the food was good, and it was cool walking around on the boat checking out the nearby city.  Before we left the dock, a bunch of us were taking some group photos, and a few of my good friends got together for the photo above in front of lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center dominating the skyline.

Don’t we look good??

Photo #227 – 06.29.09

Ken & Lindsay’s Wedding, 1 Year Ago

Congratulations to Ken and Lindsay on making it through their first year as a married couple!  We had a great time at their wedding last year, and I’m sure it doesn’t even feel like it has been a whole year already to Ken and Lindsay.

Photo #226 – 06.28.09

Spruce Tree Hugger

Spruces are great trees to hug…especially with all their sharp needles and the dense amount of dead, brittle branches closer to the trunk.

While that may be true, I am not in fact hugging the spruce in the above photo.  Instead, I am measuring its diameter.  My first summer in the Yukon, I was assisting with other some research, and this part of it dealt with trying to describe large amounts of forest based on some representative sample of the forest.  It was actually a great experience.

Photo #225 – 06.27.09

Yertle the Turtle

Well, I’m not sure if his name is Yertle…and he isn’t exactly sitting on top of a throne of other poor turtles…but I enjoyed the Dr. Seuss ‘Yertle the Turtle’ story as a kid.

Photo #224 – 06.26.09

Happy Noah

Happy Noah

Little Noah certainly is getting big, and he always seems so happy!  It usually doesn’t take too much to get him giggling and smiling.

Photo #223 – 06.25.09

Matryoshkas and Rolled Tongues

Matryoshkas and Rolled Tongues

This is what happens when Hannah and I start playing.  It starts out innocent enough, with both of us playing with a couple of those Matryoshka nesting doll things (one was all nursery rhyme characters).  Then all of a sudden, we’re holding them up to our ears, rolling our tongues, and posing for the camera…

It’s fun being a kid.

Photo #222 – 06.24.09

Green Slime

A lush alien landscape?  A waterfall in the Congo?  The internal organs of Oscar the Grouch?  You decide.

Photo #221 – 06.23.09

Meet Tilly

This is Tilly.  Heather and I adopted Tilly from her Aunt and Uncle this past spring when they moved out to Germany and could not take Tilly along.  She has traveled far and wide with them, from England to Texas and a bunch of places in between.  She’s a great cat and loves to cuddle up next to you, although she does get a little annoying when she acts like she is starving right after she has eaten (she has gotten a couple of double breakfasts when Heather and I have both fed her…).  Tilly goes by a bunch of different nicknames, but I think the one we use most often is Fat Tilly.

Good ole’ Fat Tilly from England.

Photo #220 – 06.22.09

Fiery Yukon Sunset

In mid-April, when this photo was taken, this sunset in Faro, Yukon Territory occurred around 9:30pm.  The colors in the sky were amazing, and it was a great sunset to watch as the colors kept changing.

To view a similar sunset now in mid-June, you would have to wait until midnight!  Gotta love the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Photo #219 – 06.21.09

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!Hey Mom, it’s your birthday!  A time to celebrate alllll of those great years since you were born long, long ago.  And it sure was quite a while ago!  But just remember, it’s how young you are on the inside that really counts!  Luckily for you, your age doesn’t even show, as the above photo that was taken just last year illustrates.

So have a great day, and don’t forget to celebrate the first day of summer while you’re at it!

Photo #218 – 06.20.09

Happy Father’s Day!!

Hey Dad, thanks for being such a fun dad and doing puzzles with me!  Or I should say, allowing me to help with your puzzles!  We’ll have to get together again soon for another puzzle.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!  Enjoy your weekend, and if it’s raining, pull out a jigsaw puzzle!!

Photo #217 – 06.19.09

Life Jackets

What’s the funnest part of a cruise?  Why, the safety drill before you leave port, of course!  This is where you pull out your life jackets, put them on when the siren starts, walk out to a specific location on deck, and stand nice and orderly in your group while a voice on an intercom explains what to do if we start sinking.  After that’s out of the way, then the ship is allowed to leave port and your cruise can begin.  Yay!

I must say, the above life jackets are quite stylish…

Photo #216 – 06.18.09

Tillman’s Ravine

Tillman’s Ravine in Stokes State Forest is always a fun place to check out.  The rocky ravines with numerous waterfalls can be quite spectacular, and in the summer, you can find relief on hot days down in the cool ravine (and go for a dip in one of the natural pools like the Teacup if you’d like!).  This photo was taken in early March, and there were lots of icicles along the ravine…so I definitely did not go for a swim.

With all of the rain we have been getting recently in northern New Jersey, I’m sure this ravine is gushing with tons of water…and that goes as well as for many other great waterfalls in the area.  If the weather clears up this weekend, go check one out!

Photo #215 – 06.17.09

Swiss Cheese Week at McDonalds…in Austria!

“Hallo!  Ich möchte eine Nummer Eins mit ein Coke, bitte.”

We were in Innsbruck, Austria for a half-day, and with time running short, a few of us stopped in a nearby McDonalds for a quick lunch.  I ordered using the phrase above (Hello!  I would like a number 1 with a coke, please.), and upon receiving my meal, noticed the great Swiss cheese-themed menu on the tray.

Although I’m not a huge fan of Swiss cheese,the McFondue just sounds good to me.

Photo #214 – 06.16.09

Barn Door

This is a barn door.

It’s a fairly typical barn door, but it is on a historic plantation that is only about a half-mile from downtown Bethlehem, PA.  The Burnside Plantation is located on about 7 acres and is the site of a farmhouse and other buildings that date back to the 18th century (the original plantation back in 1748 was about 500 acres).  It’s a pretty neat place smack in the middle of Bethlehem, and I ran by it frequently while living in Bethlehem since it was a short distance from my apartment along a jogging path.

Photo #213 – 06.15.09

Leapin’ Tatra

Aside from having the Coolest Dog Eyes Ever, Tatra is quite a talented jumper!  This Australian Shepherd loves to catch snowballs and will leap way up in the air to try to catch them.  The above photo was taken by Ken K as I was launching snowballs in the air, and he managed to catch her in mid-air, although it looks like she is a bit in front of the snowball.  We usually got tired before she did, but then she would just run off into the Yukon woods and find something else to keep her busy.

Photo #212 – 06.14.09

Lots O’ Sunflowers

Sunflower fields sure are everywhere out in Kansas near my grandma.  And they seem to just stretch on forever.  I took this photo as we were driving by a field on some dirt road.  Somewhere near here, I think we got out and took some photos of one another in amongst the sunflowers.

Photo #211 – 06.13.09

Disney Cruise

My first cruise was on the Disney Wonder, and despite it being a Disney cruise, the kids were so occupied with other things that it never really felt like it was too kid-focused.  There was so much for adults to do, and overall, it was a lot of fun.  In addition, the food was outstanding.  We made a couple stops in the Bahamas, including a day at their private island, Castaway Cay.  This photo was from their island, which was basically just a couple of really nice beaches.  We headed over to the adult beach and relaxed the entire day, venturing out into the shallow blue-green waters to cool off once in a while.

Gotta love cruises!

Photo #210 – 06.12.09

A Well-Deserved Farewell for Tom

A Well-Deserved Farewell for Tom

On Thursday, June 11th, Tom was given an amazing final farewell by his family, friends, and community.  This farewell included a beautiful memorial service, a flag-folding ceremony by naval officers, a firemen’s procession from Newton to Branchville with Tom on his old truck from Waldwick (the fire truck in the photo above), a gigantic flag held aloft by ladder trucks, and another procession past his home to the Frankford fire house, where Rt. 206 was closed down for about 10 minutes to sound the fire sirens and give Tom his last call.  From start to finish, the day was a fitting tribute to a man who did so much for his family and his community.  He will be greatly missed.

NJ Herald Article about Tom

Tom’s Obituary

Photo #209 – 06.11.09

“I Caught a Fish THIS Big!”

"I Caught a Fish THIS Big!"

Tom was definitely an avid outdoorsman, always out fishing or camping with friends and family.  He had so many great stories about his adventures in the great outdoors, and plenty of photos like this one with him holding a great catch.

Photo #208 – 06.10.09

Lil’ Tom

Lil' Tom

Here’s Tom with big ears and a big smile.  What a cute kid.

Photo #207 – 06.09.09

Tom in the Navy

Tom in the Navy

Tom was a sailor in the Navy during his late teens and early twenties back in the 1970s.  Just one of the many hats he wore through his years…and there really were a lot of hats.

Photo #206 – 06.08.09

We’ll Miss You, Tom

We will always love you and never forget the times we shared.

Photo #205 – 06.07.09

A Wonderful Campfire Meal

Doesn’t this meal look delicious?!  Burgers, beans, fries, and some delicious food wrapped in foil…mmm, mmm good.  Camping up in New York state, this campfire is where many of the meals are created, and I think the firepit grows a little wider each year.  It’s always fun digging it up and placing the rocks around and in it so that they fit juuuust right.