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Photo #351 – 10.31.09

Amazon Headhunter and a Tall Sack of Shrunken Heads

Amazon Headhunter and a Tall Sack of Shrunken Heads

It’s Halloween!!  You know what that means?!?  It’s time to get out some black and white paint, make some macaroni necklaces, stuff a bunch of burlap bags with ‘heads’ of some sort, and get ready for a fun Halloween!  At least that’s what my parents did back in 1986 for a Halloween party.  They certainly went all out!

I wish I had more Halloween photos from the past to share…I’ll have to scan some other great ones in soon…but I felt that these photos above were the scariest photos of my parents I know of (I mean that in the best of ways mom and dad…).  So have a Happy Halloween, eat some candy, scare some people, and most importantly, watch out for the scary headhunter and her shrunken head companion…


Photo #350 – 10.30.09

Maelstrom Fractal, Blue Sky

Located on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, this stainless steel installation is a pretty cool sight.  Whether viewed like the photo above with a blue sky backdrop, or with Central Park and the surrounding New York City skyline behind it, this massive (130 feet by 45 feet) structure is fractalicious.

Photo #349 – 10.29.09

Superman…and Some Guy in Tights…

I know it may be difficult to figure out, but the real Superman is on the left.  And just what are we looking at, you may be asking?

I’ll let you take a guess…

Photo #348 – 10.28.09

Gigglin’ Noah

Noah is quite the happy baby!  Here he is gigglin’ away while bouncing up and down on mommy’s legs…he couldn’t get enough of it.  Besides being happy, Noah is also busy getting big, as he seems to have grown quite a lot from the last time we saw him.

Photo #347 – 10.27.09

John GPSing on the Appalachian Trail

Map This Photo!!

While out on a nice hike with friends a couple weekends ago on the Appalachian Trail through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, John struck a pose with a GPS receiver as we reached a wonderful overlook along Raccoon Ridge.  I was writing an article for the NY-NJ Trail Conference newsletter about how to choose a handheld GPS for hiking (see the article and other resources here!), and John offered to provide me with an action shot to accompany the article.  It took a few shots to get a good one, but this one worked out very well.  Great job, John!

And in case you’re wondering where exactly John was using the GPS receiver, click the ‘Map This’ button right below the photo!

Photo #346 – 10.26.09

Snowy Wheaton Valley

With some medium-sized snowflakes swirling about and a low cloud base obscuring the mountaintops, Ken and I wandered through the Wheaton River valley to dig snowpits.  While this area was particularly beautiful, it was also quite treacherous…Ken and I both kept sinking through deep snow, even with our snowshoes (there was a thick icy layer on top that supported our weight…but that layer wasn’t always thick…).

Photo #345 – 10.25.09

Clown Boy and Little Red Riding Hood, Halloween 1980

Clown Boy and Little Red Riding Hood

That’s quite the large green mop Michael has atop his head!  And I sure hope Kristin didn’t go around trick or treating in her bare feet…