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Photo #412 – 12.31.09

Madison, Jada, Hannah and Noah say, “Goodbye 2009!”

Happy New Year’s Eve!  The kiddies got together to wish you a happy new year and say goodbye to 2009.  Actually, they were just posing for a picture on Christmas, but I’m sure they would like to wish you a happy new year anyway.

Here’s hoping 2010 is a great year for all!


Photo #411 – 12.30.09

Amy & Brian Pickin’ Apples

Apple picking is a great autumn activity!  You can stock up on 20 pounds of apples, try out a whole bunch of different apples and eat way too many apples to the point where your stomach starts to hurt.  Here are Amy and Brian on our apple picking adventure this past year, and we all got plenty of apples for applesauce and some other great apple concoctions.

Photo #410 – 12.29.09

Kayakin’ with Mom

Anytime is a good time to go out on a kayak, and one evening while we were on vacation in Vermont, my mom and I decided to paddle around for a bit as the sky was getting dark.  We didn’t stray too far, but we did get a good workout.

Photo #409 – 12.28.09

Curled Up Leggs

Leggs loves his bed…sometimes a little too much.  But most of the time, he likes to either curl up on it in a tight ball or suck on it until it’s nice and wet.  Here I caught him one early afternoon taking a little snooze in his tight ball, and he didn’t even move when I took the photo.

Photo #408 – 12.27.09

Lily of the Valley

The little white flowers of Lily of the Valley look like tiny, pretty bells amongst a forest of thick green leaves in the photo above.  These flowers are pretty recognizable in the Spring, and they are linked to a number of religious and legendary references.  Interestingly, Lily of the Valley is also the official flower of a number of fraternities and sororities…who knew they had official flowers?!?

Photo #407 – 12.26.09

Will Work For Worms at Dollywood

I’m sure Heather would love to work at Dollywood!  Even if she had to work with a couple of owls like these guys…

Photo #406 – 12.25.09

Merry Christmas!!

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas today!!