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Photo #443 – 01.31.10

Dollywood Grist Mill

Dollywood really is a great place…it’s much more than just an amusement park.  This is the Grist Mill, located in the Craftman’s Valley section of the park, and it is a real working mill.  The wheel is supplied with water that runs overhead throughout this entire area, and inside you can watch them grinding up corn and wheat that is available for sale.  While it was built fairly recently (1982), it was almost entirely constructed using techniques from over 100 years ago, and things like the lumber, windows, and door hardware were produced by the sawyers, glassblowers and blacksmiths at the park.

Photo #442 – 01.30.10

Yukon Sky

The sun sure is bright.  These kinds of skies, with deep blues and small fluffy clouds here and there, are often a sign of good weather (at least in my experience), and it certainly helped to have the sun out to warm us up on this chilly day in the Yukon.  This photo was taken while out on a short hiking expedition near the town of Faro that took us along a couple of local trails.

Photo #441 – 01.29.10

Colorful Train in Montana

This photo was either taken in Montana or Wyoming (I’m pretty sure Montana) as my parents and I were driving to Kansas after a week in Glacier National Park (we had dropped Michael and Kristin off at the airport so they could fly back home).  Amongst the cool forested rock cliffs and neatly manicured fields, this very colorful train caught my eye as we were driving parallel to it.

I miss Montana.

Photo #440 – 01.28.10

Brian’s Headshot

Isn’t this a nice shot of Brian?  This was taken on one of the formal nights on our cruise to the Bahamas this past summer…and aside from the finger stuck way up his nose, he’s lookin’ pretty sharp!

Also notice that it isn’t his own finger up his nose…unless he’s been taking very good care of his hands and nails recently…

Photo #439 – 01.27.10

Orderly Appalachian Trail Hike

Back in mid-October, when the foliage along the Kittatinny Ridge of New Jersey was still nice and vibrant for the most part, a group of us went for a nice hike along the Appalachian Trail in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  The hike brought us to an excellent viewpoint on Raccoon Ridge overlooking western NJ, and we spent a while just taking in the sights.  John even did some GPSing while we were there!

As the sun started to descend a bit more in the sky, we made our way back out to civilization, and as you can tell in this photo, we were a very orderly group of hikers…except for when we came upon large boulders, at which point some of us would jump off them into the air and kick our legs up behind us…

Photo #438 – 01.26.10

Mountain Close-Up

Wheaton Mountain basking in the glow of the fading evening sun…

Gotta love the Yukon!

Photo #437 – 01.25.10

Indian Ladder Trail, John Boyd Thacher State Park near Albany, NY

This trail wasn’t very long (about 1/2 mile), but it packed in a lot of great sights into a short length of trail and was pretty interesting from start to finish.  I went to check it out one afternoon after attending a map printing up in Albany.  The trail starts out on top of these cliffs, descends down some metal stairs, and follows the cliff face from below.  In addition to a couple small caves and tons of neat rock formations and fossils, the trail also takes you underneath/behind two separate waterfalls.  Unfortunately, I visited during a period of very low flow, and the waterfall in the photo above is barely noticeable (you can kind of make out some of the falling water among the reddish-rock near the image top).  The other waterfall was a little bigger and had more water coming down than this one.

After climbing back to the top of the cliffs, there were some great views of Albany and the surrounding area.  So if you’re ever in the Albany, NY area looking for something to do, check out this trail for all kinds of neat stuff!