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Photo #471 – 02.28.10

Independence Day Sunset

While celebrating Independence Day back in 2008 at the Joaquin Campground, we were treated to a really colorful sunset that painted the sky shades of orange, pink and purple.  It only lasted a few moments before the colors faded and the sun dipped below the horizon for good, but it was a neat sight.  With darkness upon us, we all settled in around the big ole’ campfire for some fun campfire festivities…

Photo #470 – 02.27.10

Madison’s Birthday Can-Can Skirt

This past weekend we had an opportunity to celebrate Madison’s 4th birthday with family and friends, and she was having a great time playing dress-up, eating ‘Little Mermaid’ cake, and, of course, opening presents!  Here she is holding up a bright and colorful can-can skirt that Heather made just for Madison, and she is definitely smiling looking at it (although she quickly made her way to the next present to see what other good things she received).  About two seconds after this photo was taken, Hannah went up to Heather and asked for a skirt too!

Read more about how Heather made this skirt by checking out her “Crafty Girl” blog: http://craftygirlfromjersey.blogspot.com/

Photo #469 – 02.26.10

Glorious Snow

We sure got dumped on over the past couple days!  I think we probably got around 20-24″ here, although it’s a little tough to tell because of the windblown drifts of snow.  We spent some time in the snow with Leggs (he had to really leap to get around!) and also had fun shoveling out the cars.  Isn’t snow great?!?

By the way, the photo above is not from this storm!  It was taken a few weeks ago when we got a small amount of snow.  I walked down to the main road to see how much traffic there was…as you can see, there wasn’t much.  If you imagine piles of snow a few feet above the ground, that’s about what it looks like now (I’ll post a photo of this snowfall sometime soon).

Photo #468 – 02.25.10

Zolo, the Wind-Up Robot

Wind-up toys are fun!  And this wee little robot is no exception.  He hails from the far-off locale known as Seattle, Washington, where Heather picked him up from “The Great Wind-Up” at the Pike Place Market in the city.

He seems like a nice robot.

Photo #467 – 02.24.10

Babbling Brook in Blair Creek Preserve

While exploring Blair Creek Preserve one afternoon last March, gathering GPS data and other information for the ‘Kittatinny Trails’ trail map I was working on, I came up this nice little brook that was still a bit iced up in spots.  The Preserve itself was recently protected and is about 480 acres in size, directly abutting the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on one side.  There are some informal trails and various woods roads running through the property, and they bring you to a number of different ecosystems.  Click here for more information about the Preserve located near Blairstown, NJ.

Photo #466 – 02.23.10

St. Maarten Segway Tour…

Shore excursions are often a fun way to experience an island when you’re off the big cruise ship.  Segway tours are often offered wherever you go, so I guess it was no surprise to see such a tour on the island of St. Maarten as we were lounging on the main beach…although it was a surprise to see the tour’s “No shirt, No shoes, No pants…No problem!” policy in effect!  But hey, the guy’s head was fully protected, and he was able to work on his tan/burn while cruising around the island…

Photo #465 – 02.22.10

Circus!!  Yippee!!

The circus is so much fun!!  Just look at the gigantic smile on my face!!  We all got cool rotating flashlight things, Michael got a pennant to add to his collection, I got an inflatable clown, and Kristin got a clown puppet thing…I think he is a little creepy…

Not to mention we saw elephants doing tricks!  Wow!  I was pretty thrilled at the age of three.