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Photo #502 – 03.31.10

Gathering Around Patches

Cat sleeping in a bright yellow booster seat…sounds like a great photo op to me!  Michael and Kristin decided to go for a posed look, while I went for the dumb look…  Patches was a great cat, and this photo was taken when she was only a couple months old.

By the way, I think high socks should come back into fashion…

Photo #501 – 03.30.10

Gull on the Dock

It sure is nice when an animal poses just right for a photo.  I took this photo a few years ago before dinner with my grandma at a place called ‘Windows On the Bay’ near Toms River, NJ.  Great dinner, good views of the water (through big windows, naturally), and some delicious desserts to finish it off.

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Photo #500 – 03.29.10

500th Daily Photograph WooooHoooo!!


Madison is…Cinderella!!

See that beautiful little girl in the middle of that large stage??  That’s Madison in her big debut in High Point Regional High School’s production of ‘Cinderella’!  She not only played a flowergirl at Cinderella’s wedding (the scene above), she was also young Cinderella in the musical’s opening scene.  We got a chance to see the musical this past weekend, and she was great up there.  In addition, the musical itself was excellent with some really great singing and acting talent, so congratulations to everyone involved.  Way to go Madison!

Kristin and Jon are definitely proud of Madison’s awesome performance, and apparently the rest of High Point loves her too.  Here she posed for a photo with Kristin while in one of her two pretty princess dresses.  You could tell she was really enjoying it, and to top off the evening, a sweet audience member handed her a rose for her great job…which she made everyone smell, including me behind the camera!

Photo #499 – 03.28.10

Leggs’ Stare

How can you not like Mr. Leggs when he stares at you with those dark brown eyes?!?  This photo was taken one snowy day this past winter when he was just dying to go jump around in the snow, and he kept comin’ up to me as if to ask, “Can we go out now?”  We did play around outside for a bit, but not before doing some fun close-up portrait shots.

Photo #498 – 03.27.10

The Luna Moth

One of the largest moths on the North American continent (with a wingspan of almost 5 inches), the Luna Moth is always a cool insect to spot.  This particular one (a male because he has really bushy antennae) was clinging to the screen of our front door one May night in 2003, and he pretty much stayed in one spot the whole night.

Keep an eye out for luna moths between May and July!

Photo #497 – 03.26.10

Wheaton River Headwaters – Summer

In the photo above, the colorful mountains in the distance hold the glaciers that feed the Wheaton River.  This photo was taken in July and it was pretty warm, but the amount of ice and snow that accumulates in the higher elevations during the winter is enough to remain throughout the summer months.

For an idea of what this scene looks like in the winter, check out the photo below:

Wheaton River Headwaters – Winter

Photo #496 – 03.25.10

Hill-Billy Village

Hill-Billy Village is…well…interesting, I guess you could say.  If you’re driving through Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and want to spend money on typical weird souvenirs, then this is definitely the place for you.  Heather and I decided to check it out and thankfully came out empty-handed.  We also skipped the actual village/attraction thing in the back because it looked like we had to walk through some sort of backroom closet door to even get to it…

But hey, it does have a nice billboard sign out front!