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Photo #563 – 05.31.10

Memorial Day Tribute

On this last Monday of May, we pay tribute to those who have died while serving our country.  People honor these soldiers in various ways, but many communities take part in Memorial Day parades to bring everyone together for this day.  In the photo above, 9.5-year-old Michael was the cub scout flag-bearer for the town’s Memorial Day parade in 1986, and I believe this photo accompanied an article in the local newspaper the following day.

The following two photos show Michael on the steps of the Verona Municipal building (same position as he was standing for the previous photo) and 7.5-year-old Kristin in the parade the previous year with her Girl Scout (Brownies) troop.

Photo #562 – 05.30.10

Grillmaster Michael

It is the unofficial start of the summer this weekend, so if you haven’t had a chance to dust off your grill and set it up in the backyard (or tiny patio for some of us), now is the time to do it!  Michael was manning the grill on this not-quite-summer day (a slightly chillier day in early May) making some great burgers and dogs.

From delicious chicken breasts grilled by Amy to some great burgers and hot dogs made by Heather, we certainly have had our fill of great summer food.  It’s hard to beat that grilled taste, so be sure to do some outdoor grillin’ of your own soon!

Photo #561 – 05.29.10

Dollywood Funnel Cake

Maybe the title of this should be ‘Huge Delicious Dollywood Funnel Cake’!  Portion sizes in Dollywood are certainly a little larger than usual (especially the apple pie!), and this funnel cake was no exception as it was as thick as at least two normal funnel cakes.  And it sure was good.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is off to a good start!

Photo #560 – 05.28.10

Yukon Fox

One of the exciting wildlife-spotting experiences Ken and I had up in the Yukon was of this cool fox sunning himself on a nice spring day.  We were driving along the Robert Campbell Highway (well, portions of it were more like a glorified dirt road…) on a half-day drive back to the city of Whitehorse when I spotted this little fox on this little rocky ledge above the road surface.  We turned around, parked the car on the opposite side of the road, and had a chance to snap some photos before he ran off into the Yukon wilderness.

Photo #559 – 05.27.10

Flower Moon

Tonight there is a full moon out, and this one is called the Flower Moon (for obvious ‘flowers in May’ reasons).  If it is clear by you, go check out the flowers under the bright reflected light of the Flower Moon.

The photo above certainly isn’t the greatest shot of the moon ever, but it is probably the best photo I have taken of the moon through a telescope.  This wasn’t a full moon but rather the first quarter moon (noticed the shadowed area on the right side).  The biggest crater near this shadowed area (the biggest of three that form a little triangle near the top right) is named Ptolemaeus and is nearly 100 miles in diameter…I’d say that’s a pretty cool name and quite a large crater!

Photo #558 – 05.26.10

Sparta Main Street 5K

About a month ago, Heather and her friend Elysia completed their first 5K race and they both did great!  Heather is smiling in the photo above because she finally reached the top of a really long hill and could see the finish line ahead of her.  The Sparta Main Street 5K is a very popular race each year, and this year there were nearly 600 participants.

This evening we both ran a couple miles (Heather went the slightly cooler route in the gym while I sweated it outside) as we are training for an upcoming 5K: the Run for Jordan 5K in Hopatcong in June.  It should be a good race and help us in our training for this year’s Dash for Dad in September.  Stay tuned for more info about this great race and how you can help Team Tommy J in our fundraising efforts to support awareness of prostate cancer!

Photo #557 – 05.25.10

Happy Face

Smile.  It’s good for your health…click here for 10 reasons to smile.  Maybe this photo will make you smile…or not, but at least I tried!

Laughing is good too…you don’t need any reasons to laugh, just do it!