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Photo #593 – 06.30.10

Corbin Building, Broadway/John St., New York City

New York City certainly has some pretty cool skyscrapers when you take some time to look up every once in a while!  This particular building facade caught my eye as I was walking down Broadway in lower Manhattan just a block from the World Trade Center site.

Completed in 1889, the Corbin Building was, at the time, the tallest building in the city at 8-stories tall.  The architect, Francis Kimball, used a bunch of different materials to create a visually-interesting skyscraper: a stone base, brick with terra-cotta ornamentation, and cast iron along the window frames (to really see these fine details, click on the photo above to go to my SmugMug photo site…once there, click on the photo and once it loads, click on X3 along the top to bring up an Extra Large copy).  Over the course of a century, the skyscraper has been badly neglected, but it was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo #592 – 06.29.10

Happy 2 Years, Ken & Lindsay!

Has it already been two years?!?  We had a great time celebrating with Ken and Lindsay on their wedding day two years ago today.  So congratulations to this cool couple!

Heather and I are certainly looking forward to a couple of sure-to-be-great weddings in the coming months: Ken & Laura in August, and Amy & Brian in September.  Yay weddings!!

Photo #591 – 06.28.10

Hudson River from Blackhead Mountain

Along the Escarpment Trail just south of the summit of Blackhead Mountain (elevation 3,940 feet), this spot was the site of another great lunch break while hiking around in the Catskills last year.  Sitting on some nice open rock slabs, there were awesome views like this one looking down toward the Hudson River in the distance.  The small rise in the foreground is a summit known as Arizona, and the mountain on the right in the distance is North Mountain.  The trail I was on continued south to these mountains and, in fact, continues 236 miles to the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey!  It is part of the ‘Long Path’, a long-distance trail (like the Appalachian Trail) that extends from the George Washington Bridge up to near Albany, NY.

Photo #590 – 06.27.10

The Wheaton River in April

After many months of really cold temperatures and a bit of snow (sometimes quite a bit of snow!), lower elevation rivers in the Yukon Territory start opening up sometime in April.  In the photo above, taken in mid-April, the ice on this section of the Wheaton River has nearly disappeared entirely except for a small area on the right side.  With a nice mix of flowing water, ice and snow, this photo of the Wheaton River valley really captures the beauty of the Yukon on a clear, spring day.

Photo #589 – 06.26.10

Rising Rays on the Atlantic

While clouds can usually ruin a beautiful sunrise, on this particular morning out on the Atlantic Ocean, the slight cloud cover created a pretty cool scene.  Although the sun itself was directly behind thick clouds, some gaps in the clouds allowed sunrays to shine down on the ocean below and also shine up into the sky above.  At the same time, the rays shining out from above shone on clouds and moisture directly behind me to create a cool rainbow.  It was definitely a neat sunrise.

Photo #588 – 06.25.10

Roscoe in the Snow

Did Roscoe love playing in the snow, rolling all around and having a good ole’ time??  Not so much.  He didn’t seem to mind walking around in it a bit, but unlike Zoe who would go crazy in the snow, Roscoe was not a big fan of the white stuff.  So in the photo above where I am wrestling with him, he’s probably hoping I’ll let him loose so he can run back to the house and curl up inside by the warm fire…

Photo #587 – 06.24.10

Unnamed Falls in November

Located not too far from the awesome Silver Spray Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, this small cascade was quite beautiful as well.  It had a bunch of different flowing water routes, and it looked pretty cool alongside the rocks jutting out from the hillside and some nearby trees with long, winding root systems.

A great place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photo #586 – 06.23.10

Future Soccer Star

Anybody watch the World Cup soccer match today between the United States and Algeria???  It was quite a game, and with the U.S. facing elimination from the tournament at the end of regulation time, they scored a stunning goal to soar into the next round.  It certainly was an amazing moment!

In the photo above, Madison got past Hannah the defender on her way to scoring an amazing goal as well…actually, I think they were just playing around with the big purple ball and Hannah tripped.  But Madison did participate in soccer this past spring and had a lot of fun!  Check her out in the photo below holding a cool trophy alongside one of her teammates (the photo was taken by her teammate’s mother).

Photo #585 – 06.22.10

Two Thumbs Up for Summer!

While I certainly enjoy a cold and snowy winter, what’s not to love about a hot and sunny summer?!?  From picnics and BBQs to hikes and beach days, it’s great to be able to take advantage of the great weather.  And for that, I give summer two thumbs up.

Photo #584 – 06.21.10

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

Hey Mom, it’s your birthday today!  And lucky for you, I believe you turned 39 once again!  So have a great, relaxing 39th birthday and enjoy the start of summer!

By the way, I think Sarah Palin is trying to steal your look from the photo above that was taken at Jon & Kristin’s wedding…check out the comparison below (of course, I don’t think she quite got your great look down!).

Photo #583 – 06.20.10

Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads

This photo was from a great bachelor party weekend with my dad and, at the time, my soon-to-be-dad-in-law, along with Michael, Jon and some awesome friends.  I certainly won’t soon forget the good times we had together on this weekend.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

Photo #582 – 06.19.10

Hands Up!

After making it through the Great Vermont Corn Maze, and then taking photos of lovely flowers, and then playing some group ‘Ring Around the Rosy’ up on a lovely grassy hill, Hannah and Madison did some picture posing for everyone.  Of course, they didn’t really feel like it and weren’t listening all that much.  When we were trying to get their attention and make them smile, I guess some of us were waving our hands in the air, as if saying, “Hey!  Look over here!  I’m waving my arms around!”…and so naturally, they started waving their hands in the air.  Picture time was pretty short, and they were back playing around in no time.

Photo #581 – 06.18.10

Sipping a Pint

Why is Heather sipping her beverage in this photo?  I’m not quite sure, but it does seem very lady like.

This photo was taken in January at Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City when a few of us got together to celebrate John and Ken’s birthday.  Zeppelin Hall is a pretty cool German beer garden sort of place with long group tables, outside seating (when it is nice out!), and a great selection of adult beverages.  I believe the pint that Heather is working on here was a Leine’s Sunset Wheat that had some subtle blueberry and orange tastes that were pretty tasty.

Photo #580 – 06.17.10

Central Park from the Met

The view from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is fantastic.  Surrounded on three sides by the lush Central Park, the roof affords expansive views of the area surrounding Central Park, including this view looking at the southern end of the park.  This photo also includes a bit of the huge steel fractal sculpture called ‘Maelstrom’.

Photo #579 – 06.16.10

Wheaton Valley Stream

In early summer, this area of the Yukon is certainly green and lush as the winter snows have provided plenty of water for things to grow.  This small stream, located just a few steps away from the wonderful cabin we stayed in, is somewhat seasonal depending on the flow in the nearby Wheaton River.  It was barely flowing at all in the photo above, but it sure made for a great spot to relax with the late-afternoon sun shining down from above.

Photo #578 – 06.15.10

Fireplace Ruins

This sure looks like a nice fireplace…too bad the surrounding structure has nearly completely disappeared!  I came upon these ruins in the Blair Creek Preserve while checking out some hiking trails, and there really wasn’t much left of this structure aside from the fireplace/chimney and some short columns (maybe supports for a front porch of some sort?).  This particular spot was close to an active YMCA camp I believe, so it is possible that this structure was once a part of this camp (or whatever camp may have existed here before the YMCA one).

Photo #577 – 06.14.10

Fort in the Woods

Growing up with the woods surrounding our house, us kids had lots of fun occupying ourselves in the forest.  We especially enjoyed building forts wherever we could (actually, I’m sure it was more my brother that did the actual “building” and I was probably more of a nuisance than anything else…).  This particular fort certainly wasn’t the best one we had, but it had plenty of seating and a nice like firepit I think, although I don’t remember ever having an actual fire in it (I was 5, so who knows).

At least it was better than the fort that we started to build before I was attacked by bees and stung 5 times…

Photo #576 – 06.13.10

Maine Coast Near Kennebunkport

Maine is beautiful.

Heather and I attended a friend’s wedding last month in Portsmouth, NH and did some wandering around southern Maine while we were there.  We had a good time checking out some familiar places as well as areas that we hadn’t been to before, and Heather certainly came to the conclusion that she really missed Maine after being there at college for so long.  The photo above was taken near Kennebunkport, Maine looking south along the coast.  Just to the left of this photo is Walker’s Point, the summer residence of George H.W. Bush…it’s a pretty nice compound, especially with views like this!

Photo #575 – 06.12.10

High Point and the Appalachian Trail

High Point State Park contains approximately 18 miles of the 2,175 mile Appalachian Trail, and while this might not seem like a great amount, this section affords some excellent ridge-top views of the area.  This photo was taken along the Appalachian Trail (note the tall, skinny white blaze on the rock signifying this trail) looking toward High Point Monument itself.  The trail itself does not lead to the monument (it turns right in a short distance to head down off the ridge as it makes it’s way toward New York and beyond to Maine), but there are connecting trails that allow one to go check out the highest point in New Jersey.

Pick up some great ‘Kittatinny Trails’ maps today and check out this section of the Appalachian Trail!

Photo #574 – 06.11.10

Cross Country, Juniata College Invitational 2003

This was a fun race, running around on a nicely-manicured golf course out in the middle of Pennsylvania.  We were at Juniata College for a rather small meet late in the season (the following weekend was our conference championships), so we didn’t necessarily go all-out, but I think the team did okay overall.

This weekend, I’ll be doing a 5K in Hopatcong (read about the Run for Jordan 5K here!) with Heather, and while I don’t quite expect to run at the same pace as I did in the Juniata Invitational meet above, I think it should still be a good race.

Photo #573 – 06.10.10

A Sunset with Zoe

Zoe certainly enjoyed the winter sunset in our backyard this particular evening, just like her buddy Jake.  I think I caught her mid-bark in this photo as I was kneeling down next to her in the dog pen.

This was taken only a couple days away from the new year (2004), and there certainly isn’t any snow lying around.  In fact, the high this day was up around 52 degrees, so it was actually fairly warm for late December (for comparison, the high was only 28 degrees on the same day this past year)!

Photo #572 – 06.09.10

Snow Cannonball!

What’s one great thing about wandering around the Yukon in deep snow??  You can do snow cannonballs!  It can be quite difficult to find an area that you can actually jump from (I believe Ken had jumped from our nearby dug-out snowpit), and it can also be hard to get out once you’ve created a nice depression.

It can also be a bit risky since you have no clue what is below the snow surface…you just have to hope there isn’t a tree stump or large boulder.  But hey, at least you don’t have to know how to swim.

Photo #571 – 06.08.10

The Executioner’s House

Located in the city of Salzburg in the Austria Alps, Fortress Hohensalzburg is pretty impressive as it sits high above the surrounding city.  It is one of the largest castles in the world (somewhere around #5 on the list) and was constructed in 1077 (later enlarged in the early 1500s).

We were able to take a tour of it on our high school trip through Germany/Austria/Switzerland, and the tour included this view looking away from the main part of the city.  It’s hard not to notice the single, lonely house in the foreground, and this was actually once the Executioner’s house…it was considered bad luck to live near the executioner, so everyone made sure to not have their house anywhere near his house.

I’m not sure who occupies this house today, but it sure seems like a nice place to live in the middle of a city like Salzburg.

Photo #570 – 06.07.10

Happy Birthday, Uncle Randy!

What is Uncle Randy doing in this photo?  We may never know for sure, but I can tell you we were certainly cracking up.  He has a way of making you laugh at the simplest things…from doing some birdwatching to getting a Thanksgiving turkey the old-fashioned way.  And luckily, we’ve been able to catch his antics with a camera from time to time.

Today is Uncle Randy’s birthday!  I probably shouldn’t say his age as of today…but I will tell you that it rhymes with “schmixty”.  Hope you have a great birthday!