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Photo #593 – 06.30.10

Corbin Building, Broadway/John St., New York City

New York City certainly has some pretty cool skyscrapers when you take some time to look up every once in a while!  This particular building facade caught my eye as I was walking down Broadway in lower Manhattan just a block from the World Trade Center site.

Completed in 1889, the Corbin Building was, at the time, the tallest building in the city at 8-stories tall.  The architect, Francis Kimball, used a bunch of different materials to create a visually-interesting skyscraper: a stone base, brick with terra-cotta ornamentation, and cast iron along the window frames (to really see these fine details, click on the photo above to go to my SmugMug photo site…once there, click on the photo and once it loads, click on X3 along the top to bring up an Extra Large copy).  Over the course of a century, the skyscraper has been badly neglected, but it was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.


Photo #592 – 06.29.10

Happy 2 Years, Ken & Lindsay!

Has it already been two years?!?  We had a great time celebrating with Ken and Lindsay on their wedding day two years ago today.  So congratulations to this cool couple!

Heather and I are certainly looking forward to a couple of sure-to-be-great weddings in the coming months: Ken & Laura in August, and Amy & Brian in September.  Yay weddings!!

Photo #591 – 06.28.10

Hudson River from Blackhead Mountain

Along the Escarpment Trail just south of the summit of Blackhead Mountain (elevation 3,940 feet), this spot was the site of another great lunch break while hiking around in the Catskills last year.  Sitting on some nice open rock slabs, there were awesome views like this one looking down toward the Hudson River in the distance.  The small rise in the foreground is a summit known as Arizona, and the mountain on the right in the distance is North Mountain.  The trail I was on continued south to these mountains and, in fact, continues 236 miles to the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey!  It is part of the ‘Long Path’, a long-distance trail (like the Appalachian Trail) that extends from the George Washington Bridge up to near Albany, NY.

Photo #590 – 06.27.10

The Wheaton River in April

After many months of really cold temperatures and a bit of snow (sometimes quite a bit of snow!), lower elevation rivers in the Yukon Territory start opening up sometime in April.  In the photo above, taken in mid-April, the ice on this section of the Wheaton River has nearly disappeared entirely except for a small area on the right side.  With a nice mix of flowing water, ice and snow, this photo of the Wheaton River valley really captures the beauty of the Yukon on a clear, spring day.

Photo #589 – 06.26.10

Rising Rays on the Atlantic

While clouds can usually ruin a beautiful sunrise, on this particular morning out on the Atlantic Ocean, the slight cloud cover created a pretty cool scene.  Although the sun itself was directly behind thick clouds, some gaps in the clouds allowed sunrays to shine down on the ocean below and also shine up into the sky above.  At the same time, the rays shining out from above shone on clouds and moisture directly behind me to create a cool rainbow.  It was definitely a neat sunrise.

Photo #588 – 06.25.10

Roscoe in the Snow

Did Roscoe love playing in the snow, rolling all around and having a good ole’ time??  Not so much.  He didn’t seem to mind walking around in it a bit, but unlike Zoe who would go crazy in the snow, Roscoe was not a big fan of the white stuff.  So in the photo above where I am wrestling with him, he’s probably hoping I’ll let him loose so he can run back to the house and curl up inside by the warm fire…

Photo #587 – 06.24.10

Unnamed Falls in November

Located not too far from the awesome Silver Spray Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, this small cascade was quite beautiful as well.  It had a bunch of different flowing water routes, and it looked pretty cool alongside the rocks jutting out from the hillside and some nearby trees with long, winding root systems.

A great place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature.