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Photo #624 – 07.31.10

On the Beach…at Ocean Beach

Last week, Heather and I were able to get down to the lovely Jersey shore for some rest and relaxation with family and friends (actually, a whole lot of family!).  We had some great weather…and I didn’t turn into a lobster for once!  And Heather bravely went fairly far out into the ocean.

All in all, a nice lil’ vacation down on the beach.


Photo #623 – 07.30.10

Campfire Tepee at Sunset

A tepee of varying-sized tree limbs is certainly a great way to get a large fire going.  This particular tepee up at the Joaquin Campground site was fairly large and, although it took a bit of effort to get the smaller stuff in the middle to catch, once it did, this fire was blazing.

By the end of the night, I think we made it through much of that woodpile in the background…

Photo #622 – 07.29.10

Ossabaw Island Pig

This dark pig sure was enjoying his nearby mudhole before I took this picture…as you can probably tell from his muddy legs.  This pig was on the Great Hopes Plantation at Colonial Williamsburg, and he is of a breed that is similar to the pigs of the 17th century that played an important role in early colonial life.  From bacon to Virginia ham, early colonists certainly enjoyed their pigs.

Click here to learn more interesting information about these cool pigs!

Photo #621 – 07.28.10

Sparse Canopy

Looking straight up from the ground, the canopy in this particular bit of forest in Stokes State Forest is rather sparse, letting plenty of sunlight through the patches of pine needles.

This canopy is also a pretty cool fractal!

Photo #620 – 07.27.10

Sooo, the Snow was Deep…

As Ken K. and I were preparing our packs for a fun-filled day in the Upper Wheaton River Valley, I decided to investigate the snow and see how deep it was.  As you can see in Ken’s photo above, it was a pretty good depth, and it only got deeper as we climbed the mountains…deep enough to do some snow cannonballs at one point!

Photo #619 – 07.26.10

Ponderer of Chocolate

A week ago, Noah celebrated his baptism with some delicious chocolate cake.  Nice and gooey, the cake ended up all over his hands and face (although plenty made it into his mouth!).  After finishing his piece, Noah appeared to strike a pondering pose.

Who knows what he may have been thinking…but maybe he was thinking about how amazing chocolate tastes…mmmmm.

Photo #618 – 07.25.10

Our First Christmas…S’more Style

Here is another ornament on our Christmas tree to help celebrate Christmas in July.  Heather and I received this ‘Our 1st Christmas’ ornament for our wedding, and we both certainly love s’mores and other campfire treats (Heather is a campfire treat pro).

I think I could go for a S’more right about now…