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Photo #746 – 11.30.10

Smoky Mountain Squirrel

This squirrel sure was enjoying a feast in this particular tree in Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park {photo #614}.  Heather and I were checking out the visitor center and numerous old and interesting structures within the Cable Mill historic area.  This little guy was munching away on a branch right overhead and certainly didn’t seem to mind our presence.


Photo #745 – 11.29.10

Mmmmmm, Delicious Golden-Brown Cookies…

While I am certainly a fan of snickerdoodles and their cinnamon sugar goodness, the chocolate chip cookies are definitely the stars in the above photo.  This particular batch was made by my mom for Michael and Robyn’s wedding rehearsal dinner, and it looks like there was a nice mixture of dark brown crispiness and light brown softness amongst the cookies.

It is likely that this platter was empty within a few minutes after this photo was taken…

Photo #744 – 11.28.10

The Mighty Lake Laberge

Lake Laberge is actually a portion of the Yukon River that widens considerably for over 30 miles and is much more like a lake than a river.  It certainly has some great scenic views of the surrounding mountains, although the water itself is really cold.  This lake has also served as a source of inspiration for some literary works and is featured in titles like Jack London’s “Call of the Wild” and Robert Service’s poem “The Cremation of Sam McGee”.

Photo #743 – 11.27.10

Noah and the Pumpkin Patch

With his orange jack-o-lantern shirt, Noah blends right in with all the other pumpkins in this pumpkin patch.  Noah and the other little ones had fun frolicking around the pumpkins after our exciting adventure through the Mazezilla corn maze {photo #710}.

Photo #742 – 11.26.10

Dog-Tired Leggs

This is what an exhausted Leggs looks like after a long, exciting day of camping and Fourth of July festivities.  Instead of actually sleeping on his bed, he just used it as a pillow, but I guess it was comfortable for him.

He was very happy to be back at home the following day, and I think he did plenty more sleeping.

Photo #741 – 11.25.10

Turkey Day!  Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving!  Time to reflect back on everything and everyone you are thankful for…and eat way too much delicious food!  Heather took this photo a couple years back, catching Uncle Ralph right in the middle of the very important ‘carving of the turkey’.  The way a turkey is carved can make or break a Thanksgiving meal…but you (and Uncle Ralph) can rest assured that this particular meal was outstanding.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!

Photo #740 – 11.24.10

Hiking in Van Campens Glen

This cool ravine is a pretty neat place to hike, and it is tucked right in the middle of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  It actually is a bit cooler along this stream, which was refreshing on this particular hike that Heather and I took back in August of 2004.  There is a marked trail through the ravine (check out part of the path on the left side of the photo), and we ended up checking out some nice waterfalls along the way.