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Photo #777 – 12.31.10

Noah, Hannah, Jada and Madison say, “Goodbye 2010!”

Last year on New Year’s Eve, I posted a photo of my lovely nieces and nephew {photo #412}, so I figured I would end 2010 with an updated picture of them!  I hope you had a great year, and I’m sure 2011 will be even better!

Enjoy the midnight festivities (if you can stay up that long!) and have a happy new year!


Photo #776 – 12.30.10

Giant Steps in the Catskills

While climbing up a mountain-side in the Catskills along the Long Path, I came across this set of giant steps that really are pretty large!  It certainly wasn’t easy stepping up them (or down on the return trip), but it was a neat geological feature that the trail passed over.  I believe it was just beyond the upper reaches of the stairs that a great postcard-view opened up of the nearby mountains {photo #730}.

Photo #775 – 12.29.10

Quarter Circle Bridge

To get to the trailhead of the Apgar Lookout Trail {photo #356} in Glacier National Park, you have to take a side road from the town of West Glacier and cross this cool wooden plank quarter circle bridge.  I guess that it made more sense at the time to make a circular bridge rather than try to align the roadway on either side for a regular straight bridge.  Whatever the reason, it’s a neat little bridge to come upon, and you certainly want to make sure you are paying attention as you cross it…those short wooden curbs don’t seem like they would stop much!

Photo #774 – 12.28.10

Evening Sun on the Pelly Mountains

While doing fieldwork in the Yukon, we stayed for a bit in a nice little house that usually operated as a bed & breakfast (it was just us while we were there, though…so we made our own breakfast).  It was located in the small town of Faro, and while the view of the town from the front was not anything special, the back porch provided some stunning scenes of Yukon goodness.  This photo captured the distant Pelly Mountains and winding Pelly River lit by the orange light of the setting sun to the west, and the view was much more expansive and awesome than what is shown here!

Photo #773 – 12.27.10

Jackson Pollock Snow

With the amount of snow and heavy winds the East Coast received today and yesterday, I’m sure many are familiar with the sight of blowing snow.  This photo is a 2-second exposure that captured the twisting paths of snowflakes blowing in front of a bright light.  To me, the photo looks more like a black canvas splattered with white paint in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Check out a neat feature on Jackson Pollock by clicking here!

Photo #772 – 12.26.10

Milky Way Above the Smokies

The night skies over the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee can be quite dark at times.  We had some very clear skies on one of our first nights staying in the Smokies, and I was able to capture some neat starry photos, including this >1-minute exposure of the Milky Way rising up from the distant mountain profile.  The Milky Way arced all the way across the sky, and one of the longer exposures I shot really showed our galaxy well {photo #635}.

Photo #771 – 12.25.10

Ho ho ho!  Merry Christmas!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas full of joy and relaxation!