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Photo #749 – 12.03.10

Mountain-Slidin’ Ken

(If you have any issue with the video above not playing, click here to view the video on Vimeo.com)

So you’re in the Yukon, you climb a snowy mountain while doing some fieldwork to check out some amazing views, and then you want to get back down the mountain because it is windy and cold up there…if your mind works like Ken’s, you’d suggest that the quickest and most fun way to descend would be to slide down.  And you’d be right.

In the video above, Ken slid down about 100 vertical feet in 12 seconds on the steep slopes of a mountain near Fish Lake {photo #475}.  He got a face-full of snow while proclaiming his love of the Yukon (make sure you have the volume turned up), but you can tell he enjoyed the slide from his reaction at the end.

Today is Ken’s birthday, so Happy Birthday!!  I hope you have an awesome day…although I suspect you’ll have to celebrate in some way other than flying down a snowy mountain slope!


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  1. Bob and Janice


    December 3, 2010 at 9:08 pm

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