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Photo #766 – 12.20.10

Solstice Eclipse

Photo by John Chumack, submitted on Spaceweather.com

Set your alarm clocks for about 3am Tuesday morning for a very rare total lunar eclipse on the northern winter solstice!  The full moon will enter Earth’s deepest shadow between 1:30am and 5am on the east coast, with the greatest eclipse occurring around 3:15am.  That is when the moon will be a dark orange-red as it reaches the point closest to the middle of our planet’s shadow, and it will look similar to the center image above.  While I did not take the series of photos above, I did witness this particular lunar eclipse back in November of 2003, and it was spectacular.

So if you don’t mind the cold or getting up pretty early (or staying up extra late…), check out this cool lunar event!  In the last 2000 years, a lunar eclipse has matched up with the northern winter solstice only once before.  Click here for a cool animated time sequence of what the eclipse should look like.


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