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Photo #867 – 03.31.11

Patti and Todd Say “I Do”

A week ago, I posted Todd and Patti’s wedding invitation {photo #860} since I hadn’t yet finished going through photos from their fun wedding…and while I still haven’t finished, I have gotten through quite a lot!  The above photo was taken in the middle of the ceremony as Todd was starting to say his vows to Patti.  Overall, I would say they both got through the vows just fine!


Photo #866 – 03.30.11

Karma Takes a Seat

This is Karma.  Karma was one of our fun canine companions while staying in a cabin along the Wheaton River in the Yukon (another, Tatra {photo #66}, is in the background).  One day, while relaxing along the icy river after a day of fieldwork, the dogs found us and enjoyed as we played with them.  Ken had been seated in a nice chair that was a surrounded by snow, when Karma came up and took a seat in the snow right next to him!  It definitely looked awkward, but Karma seemed quite content sitting there on the cold snow…

Photo #865 – 03.29.11

Salt Lake City from Above

I always enjoy taking in the sights while taking off or landing in a plane, and my short trip to Salt Lake City a few years ago was no exception.  This photo was taken as I was leaving the city after a few days of attending a conference for graduate school, and it was cool to see the city from afar and set against the surrounding mountains after having been able to walk around the city a bit.  I would have liked to explore more of Salt Lake City, but I enjoyed the time I was able to spend there.

Photo #864 – 03.28.11


Actually, I’m not quite sure what sound was coming out of Madison’s mouth when this photo was taken.  But in my mind, I’m imagining it was something like an extended roar/scream…RAAWWWRRRRR!!

Photo #863 – 03.27.11

Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranates are probably not one of the typical fruits you see in a tree here on the eastern coast of the US, so it was pretty cool to see a bunch while visiting Colonial Williamsburg down in Virginia.  They had a pretty cool garden there with a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers that would have been part of a fancy garden during colonial times, and these pomegranates were on a few small trees in the garden.  They are more usually found in parts of Asia and the southern Mediterranean (as well as California), but I guess they can do okay in Virginia as well.

Those little pomegranate seeds (called arils) sure are tasty!

Photo #862 – 03.26.11

Wine Tanks at Unionville Vineyards

Back in early February, Heather and I took a lovely drive down through Hunterdon County in New Jersey and found our way to the Unionville Vineyards in the town of Ringoes.  It was a nice little winery with some good tasting wines (we sampled a bunch out of the 20 or so wines they offer), and while we were there, we enjoyed a little tour of the winery.  This photo shows the large area that holds a bunch of the wine storage tanks.  It was a good way to spend a February afternoon!

Photo #861 – 03.25.11

Mmm, Gorilla Bread

Now this here was some delicious gorilla bread.  Full of cream cheese, cinnamon, and biscuity-goodness, these clumps of gorilla bread were made by Heather this past Christmas morning and were a great way to start off the day.  You cannot go wrong with a bit of gorilla bread!