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Photo #897 – 04.30.11

Harmonica Hannah

Hannah can play a mean harmonica!  This photo was taken 5 years ago, and Hannah was having a lot of fun blowing through the harmonica over and over again.  She has pretty good rhythm, just like her drumming brother {photo #887}.

Photo #896 – 04.29.11

Ice Drips

Spring has certainly sprung here in northern New Jersey, with plenty of warmer temperatures and rain to encourage everything to start blooming.  So I’m guessing it will be quite a while before we see icicles forming outside again.  The icicle above was the tip of a massive icicle that formed this past winter outside above our patio.  It was really melting one afternoon with the sun shining on it, and so I had some fun with my camera trying to capture some drips.

Photo #895 – 04.28.11

Jersey Highlands Trails Map Set – Launch Party Tonight!

It has been many years in the making, but the Trail Conference has finally published a brand new map set, Jersey Highlands Trails: Central North Region.  This bumps up our map offerings to 11 different map sets covering the northern NJ/southern NY region, and with more than 230 miles of marked trails and more than 30 parks shown on the maps, they cover a lot of great places to go for a hike in the Highlands of New Jersey.

We are celebrating this accomplishment with a map launch party tonight at Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna, NJ.  We’ll be thanking all the volunteers and partners that helped with this map, and Ramsey Outdoor is offering a special discount, so it should be a fun time…stop on by if you’re in the area!!

The image above shows a small section of one of the maps centered on the south end of Splitrock Reservoir in Rockaway Township.  If you’re planning on doing any hiking this year in northern New Jersey, definitely pick up a copy of these excellent maps!  Click here for more info about the maps.

Photo #894 – 04.27.11

Approaching Sunset Off St. Maarten

After a full day of relaxation, baking in the sun, and walking around the streets of St. Maarten, Heather and I were forced to get back on our ship as we started our two-day return trip back to real life after a great honeymoon cruise.  As our ship was slowly making its way toward the open ocean, the sun started to approach the distant horizon and cast an orange glow across the hills of St. Maarten.

We’d like to get back to St. Maarten some time!

Photo #893 – 04.26.11

Mucking Around Montandon Marsh

As a Geological and Environmental Science major at Susquehanna University, you can imagine that a lot of the things I studied involved rocks and the general environment…subjects that aren’t always easy to explain in a classroom.  So the lab component of our classes allowed us to get right in the middle of what we were studying…whether that meant climbing rock exposures, kayaking in a quarry, or, as shown in the photo above, wading around in some muck.

This photo was taken by my sophomore year “Remote Sensing” class professor, Dr. Katherine Straub, and it shows me and my classmates in our boots and waders in the middle of Montandon Marsh.  I believe we were using GPS units to help verify different land type classifications on aerial photographs…pretty much making sure that areas we called ‘wetlands’ on an aerial photograph actually were wetlands.  We had a fun afternoon, and I believe we all stayed mostly mud-free.

Photo #892 – 04.25.11

Orange Autumn in the Catskills

If you are ever hiking down the Black Dome Range Trail in the Catskill Forest Preserve in mid-October, it’s likely that you’ll be surrounded by orange and yellow.  This photo shows a nearby ridge that appeared through a break in the tree cover as I was descending from the summit of Blackhead Mountain {photo #364}.  Although a little overcast, it was a great day to experience the autumn colors in the Catskills.

Photo #891 – 04.24.11

Three Sisters, Three Bunnies

Happy Easter!  It’s beautiful outside and a great day to celebrate Spring and life and jellybeans.  I thought the photo above was appropriate for today since the bunny on my package of Cadbury Creme Eggs looks just like the white rabbit on the right!  This photo was taken in 1962 (November, not April) and shows my mom, on the right, with two of her sisters, Doris (left) and Ann (middle), each holding their bunny rabbits.  I’m not sure of their names (Mom, any ideas??), but they sure are cute.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!