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Photo #893 – 04.26.11

Mucking Around Montandon Marsh

As a Geological and Environmental Science major at Susquehanna University, you can imagine that a lot of the things I studied involved rocks and the general environment…subjects that aren’t always easy to explain in a classroom.  So the lab component of our classes allowed us to get right in the middle of what we were studying…whether that meant climbing rock exposures, kayaking in a quarry, or, as shown in the photo above, wading around in some muck.

This photo was taken by my sophomore year “Remote Sensing” class professor, Dr. Katherine Straub, and it shows me and my classmates in our boots and waders in the middle of Montandon Marsh.  I believe we were using GPS units to help verify different land type classifications on aerial photographs…pretty much making sure that areas we called ‘wetlands’ on an aerial photograph actually were wetlands.  We had a fun afternoon, and I believe we all stayed mostly mud-free.


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