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Photo #928 – 05.31.11

Heather in the Gentle Morning Surf

Last July, Heather and I spent a few days down in Ocean Beach and enjoyed some really great beach weather, plenty of relaxation, and fun times with family and friends.  In the above photo, Heather was wading out into the morning surf as we were walking the beach looking for shells, hermit crabs, and various things tossed ashore during the night.

Anyone planning a beach vacation this summer??


Photo #927 – 05.30.11

Memorial Day Parade, 1999

12 years ago today, I marched along the streets of Branchville, NJ in a Memorial Day Parade as a member of the High Point Marching Band.  I was a sophomore at the time, and yes, I’m the short one with the trumpet on the left.  I’m not quite sure, but I believe this was the year that the temperatures were quite hot, and with our heavy outfits, a few members of the band passed out in the nearby park…I myself was pretty lightheaded at one point.

Here’s to Memorial Day, however you might observe this day of remembrance.

Photo #926 – 05.29.11

Sittin’ on a 4-Wheeler…in a Downpour

One day while camping on Fourth of July weekend, my parents went out for a 4-wheeler ride around the park with Tom and Jodie…they rode through mud, up and down hills, and checked out a cool cabin in the woods.  As soon as they got back to the camp, a sudden downpour rolled through and quickly drenched everything in sight…including mom and dad as they posed on the 4-wheeler.  They did soon run for cover and helped hold down one of the larger tents as a strong storm came and went.  In the end, most of us were either a little wet or really wet, and only one of the tents had been flipped on its side.

All a part of a fun camping experience!!

Photo #925 – 05.28.11

Yin Yang Kitties

I’m not sure why, but Ashes and Jasper enjoyed laying/sleeping like this pretty often.  And while gray Ashes isn’t a complete contrast from the black of Jasper, they do look a little like a yin yang symbol.  These two were quite the interesting brothers.

Photo #924 – 05.27.11

January Sunrise

At the moment, I would say it’s a pretty safe bet that we in New Jersey won’t be seeing any of this snow-stuff until the fall…especially with the 80-90 degree temperatures forecast for this upcoming week!  Still, a nice snowfall can be a lovely sight, such as the snowfall we received in mid-January captured in the photo above.  The orange glow of the rising sun colored the snow and even made some of the snow crystals seem to shimmer along the ground.

Photo #923 – 05.26.11

Lilypads at Lake Aeroflex

This morning, I did a little hiking around Kittatinny Valley State Park in Andover, NJ.  It was the first time I’ve been at this park (aside from a quick trip in graduate school when we took some lake sediment cores for one of our classes), and I had a great hike!  One particular stretch of trail goes right along the edge of Lake Aeroflex (also known as New Wawayanda Lake).  This lake is actually the deepest natural lake in New Jersey (about 110 feet at its deepest), and in one area, I found a large concentration of lilypads that seemed to be a nice opportunity for some photos.

Photo #922 – 05.25.11

Kayakin’ Robyn on Bald Hill Pond

Located in northeastern Vermont, Bald Hill Pond is a scenic lake surrounded mostly by forest and low mountains, with only a handful of summer houses dotting a short section of shoreline.  We had a fun family vacation there a few years ago, and in the photo above, Robyn enjoyed some kayak paddling on the lake while there was a break in the weather.  Aside from some threatening clouds here and there, she was surrounded by some beautiful scenery out on the lake.