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Photo #913 – 05.16.11

Yukon’s Best Kept Secret: The Town of Faro

The tiny town of Faro, Yukon is probably not on many people’s “Must Visit” list…but that’s because, according to the sign at the town’s entrance, it is apparently the best kept secret in the Yukon!  The town is pretty far off the beaten path (well, not according to Yukon standards, but certainly according to most other standards), and it boasts of about 400 residents nestled along the Pelly River and surrounding mountains.  It’s actually an old mining town that saw its boom about 30 years ago (maximum population of about 2,100), but it has been trying to portray itself as a great tourist destination.

After spending a few days camping here in the summer and a week staying here in early spring, I’d say the town and surrounding area is quite beautiful, although likely not THE best kept secret in the Yukon.  With amazing views, starry nighttime skies (with glimpses of aurora borealis!), cool wildlife, and friendly/interesting townspeople, I’d say I enjoyed my visits to Faro very much.


One response

  1. wow!!! The photo looks pretty 🙂

    how i wish i could go there!!!

    May 17, 2011 at 2:55 am

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