Well…not quite daily recently…

Photo #929 – 06.01.11

Great Big Snapper

If you are fond of your fingers and hands, the common snapping turtle is one animal you want to be sure to not pet on or anywhere near the head!  These turtles have very powerful jaws and a surprisingly fast snapping defense mechanism, and one bite could easily amputate your finger.  They also have a fairly long neck such that they can almost reach their back feet, and their claws can be quite sharp…so in general, the snapping turtle is not a nice turtle to be around!

Brian and I found this large snapper (the shell was probably about 1.5 feet long) on the shoulder of a local road this past weekend, and we certainly did not try to move it anywhere…it was right next to a large wetlands area, so hopefully he found his way back without any incidents with passing cars.


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