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Photo #932 – 06.04.11

National Trails Day at Bear Mountain State Park

Today I’ll be up at Bear Mountain in New York to help celebrate National Trails Day with a trail-opening ceremony on the Appalachian Trail.  The NY-NJ Trail Conference has been working on an enormous trail-construction project here since 2006 involving more than 800 volunteers (contributing more than 30,000 volunteer hours) who helped to place nearly 1,000 granite steps (most weighing 1,000 pounds and hewn and placed by hand).  I hiked the newly-constructed trails this week, and I was thoroughly impressed with the stonework — from the stone steps, to the placement of large boulders along the trail, to stone cribbing walls (the photo above contains examples of each of these), this section of the Appalachian Trail makes for a great ascent/descent on Bear Mountain.

If you have a chance, get out for a hike today or tomorrow!!  Click here to find a suggested hike near you!  Whether you make a day out of it or take a 1-hour detour through a local park, enjoy some trails this weekend to celebrate National Trails Day!


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