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Photo #934 – 06.06.11

Rhine River from Lorelei Rock

Situated at the narrowest part of the Rhine River in Germany, Lorelei Rock is a rock cliff that looms 400-feet above the passing river.  It is a stretch of river that has seen many shipping accidents through the ages, and Lorelei Rock is linked to a number of stories and myths, including stories about dwarves as well as beautiful women either luring ships to their destruction with their singing or falling to their death while searching for their lovers…

As you might guess, this location does not have the best reputation, but it sure does afford a great view of the Rhine from atop its rocky perch!  Although difficult to see, the above photo that was taken from the overlook on Lorelei Rock also includes the Burg Katz (Cat Castle) near the center of the photo on the hillside overlooking the Rhine.


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