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Photo #1020 – 08.31.11

Hoole River

Another scenic location in the Yukon (there aren’t too many non-scenic areas!), the Hoole River is a bit more off the beaten path than other areas, although it is still reachable by dirt road.  We had traveled along one section of road for quite a while before coming to this river, and if the photo seems a little dark, it is because there were some treacherous looking clouds overhead that brought a nice bit of rain soon after we got back in the car.  If not for the rain, we probably would have explored the area a bit more, but it was cool nonetheless.

Photo #1019 – 08.30.11

Hannah and a Pumpkin in a Wagon

Here is just a quick reminder that summer is winding down and autumn will soon be upon us!  Back when she was a just-barely-one-year-old toddler, Hannah went for a ride in a wagon around the yard with a pumpkin (and a cowboy hat, of course…).  As you can tell by her face, she had a fun time rollin’ all around.

Photo #1018 – 08.29.11

Typical Kansas Dirt Road

If you’ve never been out to Kansas and have heard that it is flat and all farmland…there is definitely a good amount of truth to that statement!  That isn’t to say there aren’t more hilly and non-farmland areas, but there is plenty of flat pasture and cropland that just seems to go on for as far as the eye can see.  There are also plenty of straight-as-an-arrow roads criss-crossing the farmlands that also seem to go on forever.

So if you’re not a fan of driving along roads that don’t have any change in scenery, these roads in Kansas may not be for you!

Photo #1017 – 08.28.11

Happy 40th Anniversary, Aunt Ellen & Uncle Randy!!

Guess what happened 40 years ago??  Believe it or not, Tropical Storm Doria came barreling up the East Coast (click here to read more about it).  Doria made a quick landfall in North Carolina before hugging the coast and dumping 10+ inches of rain through parts of New Jersey…sounds a bit like a storm named Irene (Stay Safe today if you’re in Irene’s path!).

Guess what else happened 40 years ago today??  Aunt Ellen and Uncle Randy got married!  Luckily, it was after Doria passed by (although there was apparently some lingering impacts like falling lights and exciting stuff like that), and they look happy in the above photo of the couple on their wedding day.

So Happy 40th Anniversary to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Randy!!  Here are a couple more fun photos from past and present!

Photo #1016 – 08.27.11

Kristin Loves Sesame Place!

Doesn’t this look like a fun place to be a kid?!  I wouldn’t know, because I was only about 5 months old when we all went to Sesame Place, but it looked like Kristin and Michael had lots of fun playin’ in water, watchin’ Oscar the Grouch, swingin’ on rope swings, and all kinds of great stuff.  I’m guessing the photo above was taken at the end of a big obstacle course/maze that involved getting soaked.

I like the Smurfs bathing suit!!

Photo #1015 – 08.26.11

Tiki (aka Tiki Bird)

Check out those long whiskers on Tiki’s face!  Tiki (also known as Tiki Bird…) is Amy’s cat, and I guess his name comes from the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Disneyworld…although there might be a bit of Tiki Barber from the NY Giants in there as well

Tiki was very curious about my camera and flash as I was taking photos of newborn Greta {photo #991} recently.  He actually posed very nicely for the camera, but quickly made it clear that all he really wanted was for me to pet him.  I, of course, gave Tiki plenty of attention following this mini-shoot.

Photo #1014 – 08.25.11

Driving Along Annie Lake Road

Serving as the gateway to the Wheaton River valley, Annie Lake Road is a lovely mostly-dirt road that was always a joy to drive along as we travelled to and from our cabin.  We enjoyed always being neighborly and waving at passers-by…so many nice people in the Yukon!  But the best part of driving on this road was watching the beautiful mountains seem to grow as we got further from the highway/paved road.  The road stretches at least 30 miles into the picturesque Wheaton River valley…at least, that’s as far as we’ve gone without fearing that we wouldn’t be able to turn around and get back!