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Photo #1078 – 10.28.11

Halloween Day, 1987

Look at those joyful, smiling faces…you can just tell we could not wait for the trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Either that, or we were secretly getting into the candy stash and so we were already hyped up on sugary sweets.  Halloween is fast approaching, so make sure you get those pumpkins carved, costumes made, and candy dishes filled to prepare!

On a side note, I think the cool dog I’m holding was named Barley, although I must have forgotten his companion, Farfle, on this particular Halloween trip to our grandparents’ house.  They sure were awesome dogs.


Photo #1077 – 10.27.11

Fresh Accumulation of Snow in the Morning

Winter is quickly approaching here in northern New Jersey, and a scene like this (albeit a scene with many autumn leaves still on the trees…) may become a reality sooner than many may hope!  A winter storm may dump a few inches of snowfall this upcoming weekend, and even if somewhat warmer temperatures keep the snow from accumulating and sticking around much, it still might be a good dose of winter weather.

Photo #1076 – 10.26.11

Happy 25th Birthday, Lena!!

This past weekend, Heather and I joined friends and family at a surprise party to celebrate cousin Lena’s 25th birthday (even though the balloons in the photo above have switched places…).  She had no idea and was definitely surprised when she walked in!  She was pretty excited to see everyone, and we were glad to help celebrate with her.

Today is Lena’s birthday, so Happy 25th Birthday!

Photo #1075 – 10.25.11


I don’t come upon mantises very often…or maybe I do, but I just don’t notice them because they so cleverly blend into their surroundings.  This particular praying mantis must have been feeling lazy when I stumbled upon him on a recent hike, otherwise I’m sure he would have been positioned in the typical praying stance.  Mantises are pretty neat looking insects, and I never realized how cool their eyes are.  The two big compound eyes look like they have a pupil, but this is just a result of the facets within the compound eyes, and there are actually three simple eyes in a triangular shape in the middle of the head between the antennae.

Photo #1074 – 10.24.11

Snowflake-Capped Noah

It’s that wonderful time of year again when threats of frosty nighttime temperatures will soon give way to snow and other wintery goodness.  So right now is a good time to make sure your hats, gloves, and scarves are at the ready for this seasonal change.  Noah was keeping plenty warm in this photo with his cool snowflake cap (although this was a different seasonal change in March), although I think I caught him a little off guard with this shot…

Photo #1073 – 10.23.11

Pond Grass in Shades of Gray

What do you see in this photo?  If you see a dragon and a crocodile engaged in a deadly battle…then you have quite the imagination.  If you see bits of pond grass and their reflections against a bright sky on the surface of a still pond…then you are good at reading photo titles.

I thought this photo looked cool in color, but as a black & white photo, I like it even better as it looks more like an abstract ink drawing.

Photo #1072 – 10.22.11

Welcome to Dollywood!!

With more than 2.5 million guests annually, Dollywood has grown to be one of the most popular destinations to visit in the Smokies of Tennessee.  We certainly enjoyed our day there as we rode some cool coasters, ate some delicious treats, saw some nice shows, and checked out many other parts of the theme park.

Anyone want to take a roadtrip down to Tennessee??!