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Photo #1111 – 11.30.11

2-Year-Old Lillian

Lillian is Heather’s first cousin once removed (daughter of her cousin Ashley), and she is all kinds of cute.  While celebrating her 2nd birthday this past August, we had a few fun moments snapping photos while she was playing outside.  She went through a bunch of different expressions, but this shot of surprise/innocence/bashfulness was my favorite.

Photo #1110 – 11.29.11

Light in the Cellar

I can certainly admit that I’m not a big fan of creepy, dark basements full of cobwebs, old rusty things, and who knows what else.  I vaguely remember our basement when I was really young, and I just remember it being scary.  But then again, I was only about 4 years old.

This particular cellar was beneath an old barn, and with the morning light streaming through the window, I was able to see plenty of the webs and dust and contorted structures held within the cellar…but I guess I wasn’t all that afraid since I found time to take a few photos!

Photo #1109 – 11.28.11

Dew Drop Daisy

This daisy was directly facing the rising sun as I stumbled upon it on a photography expedition one morning.  After a cool, damp night, there was plenty of dew on the petals, with each drop sparkling with the reflection of the sun.

It was a nice morning to photograph nature at its finest!

Photo #1108 – 11.27.11

Mildly Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee/North Carolina are known for scenes like the one above, where blankets of fog and low-lying clouds crawl across the mountains.  This smoky appearance occurs as humid air comes up from the Gulf of Mexico and then rapidly cools as the air reaches the higher elevations in the mountains.  While I certainly enjoy blue-sky kinds of days, I still liked these mildly smoky days in Tennessee as well!

Photo #1107 – 11.26.11

Sign-Swallowing on the Appalachian Trail

This is not a new sign.  It isn’t incredibly old, but certainly old enough for its tree host to begin munching on it.  I spotted this sign along the Appalachian Trail in High Point State Park near the main park office and thought it was a pretty nice example of a sign-swallowing tree.  So next time you’re out and about amongst the trees, keep your eyes peeled for remnants of signs or other blazes that may soon succumb to hungry, growing trees.

Photo #1106 – 11.25.11

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Okay, maybe it is too soon after Thanksgiving to showcase photos of food…but I say that anytime is a good time for a cupcake.  This year for Heather’s birthday, I decided to make one of her favorite cakes in cupcake form, and she wasn’t all that thrilled at first…to be honest, I haven’t done much baking, so I could understand the hesitation.  I followed a couple recipes (but mostly this one from SimplyRecipes.com) and in the end, produced a couple dozen red velvet cupcakes with swirls of cream cheese frosting.  The color was a nice dark red, and according to multiple people, they tasted great!  Maybe they were just being nice…but I thought they were quite delicious!

So if you are ever looking for a different cupcake recipe, give the one linked above a try.

Photo #1105 – 11.24.11

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

My mom made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on our first Thanksgiving at our new home, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes (yuck), gravy, and a bunch of olives.  We sat down for some photos (first my mom took the photo above, and then she switched places with my dad for the photo below) as the delicious smells wafted into our nostrils before loading up our plates and eating more than we probably should have.  I’m thankful for that Thanksgiving dinner, but also that we were able to eat dinner as a family together most nights while I was growing up.  My mom made some excellent meals, and even if Michael or I didn’t eat all my veggies, and Kristin covered up something she didn’t like with her napkin, we still enjoyed that time together.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Eat lots, be thankful for lots, and enjoy time with family and friends!