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Photo #1113 – 12.02.11

REI Store in New York City — Check Out the Glass Railing!!

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is an outdoor recreation retailer that also operates as a co-op (which basically means the company is owned by its members).  Yesterday, I was able to attend a community reception to celebrate the opening of their first New York City store, located within the historic Puck Building in the SoHo area.  I was there as a representative of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, and if you look closely at the above photo of the store’s interior, you might notice a Trail Conference trail map integrated into the glass panels of the railing.  This map, showing the Four Birds Trail, is one of 7 that I provided to REI to use on these glass railings surrounding the 3-story staircase in the center of the store.  The store itself is an awesome space full of historical relics from the building, but in my obviously biased opinion, these map graphics that educate customers about outstanding trails in the region are definitely the coolest part of the store!

To see what this section of trail looks like on the published map, check out this previous daily photograph {photo #895}.  If you rotate the left-most glass panel 90-degrees counterclockwise, it’ll match up with the linked image above the label ‘BIRDS’.

The store’s grand opening celebration is going on all this weekend, so stop in if you are in the neighborhood (or take a special trip if you’re not doing anything…they have some nice giveaways!): www.rei.com/soho (click for details)


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