Well…not quite daily recently…

Photo #1124 – 12.13.11

9-Minute Star Trail Vortex

I’ve had a few different star trail photos on here through the years, and while this one might not have very long trails like some others, I think it has just long enough trails to create a circular vortex centered on Polaris.  The amount of stars visible in this upstate New York sky on a clear July night this past summer was astounding.

Tonight and tomorrow morning is the peak of this year’s Geminid meteor shower.  While this star trail photo does not contain any meteor streaks, in past years, I have captured a few photos of passing geminids {photo #395}.  Tonight, with the nearly full moon, cold temperatures, and small rate of meteors per hour, I didn’t feel like attempting any photos.  I did, however, spot a nice meteor zipping right through the constellation Orion, so be sure to keep your eyes on the night sky for your chance to see a geminid (sometimes, you can still see a few a day or two after the peak, so keep watching!).


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