Well…not quite daily recently…

Photo #1150 – 01.08.12

Beaded Curtains of Light

What do you see in the above photo??  I see dangling, beaded curtains of light…as the title appropriately states.  However, if you see taillights and headlights of cars and lightposts along a major highway at night, then you get a blue ribbon and a gold star!  While riding in the passenger seat on a trip with my mom many years back, I entertained myself with the long exposure features (2 second maximum exposure) of our digital camera.  So I experimenting with moving the camera around, using the lights on the highway to paint a scene on a black-of-night canvas.  In the end, pretty much all the photos were either out-of-focus or not interesting in any way, but for some reason, I liked this one with its sweeping beads of light.


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