Well…not quite daily recently…

Photo #1165 – 01.23.12

Chevy Equinox Photoshoot in the Yukon

Okay, so this certainly wasn’t any sort of official photoshoot…we had actually just stopped on a dirt pulloff to take some photos of the snowy mountains around us…but still, don’t you feel like going out and buying this car after seeing it in this scenic Yukon photo?  This Chevy Equinox was our trusty rental vehicle during my last trip to the Yukon that made it possible for us to dig snowpits and do science, and it made for some nice driving around the Yukon.

Oh, and the reason it looks so shiny and spotless is because we had just picked this one up in the city of Whitehorse before heading into the mountains…so we probably started dirtying up the car only a bit further down the road from here (for comparison, check out this scenic shot taken a week later that includes a nice accumulation of mud and dust {photo #514}).


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