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Photo #1195 – 02.22.12

Rippled Waters of Lake McDonald at Dawn

A Glacier National Park sunrise really is a majestic event to experience.  I was able to catch a number of sunrises over a few days of staying in the village of Apgar, including this one on the last morning of our stay at the park.  Although the lake surface was a bit rippled, unlike a couple of the previous mornings, the sunrise at the one end of the Big Sky in Montana was fantastic.  This photo of the lake and distant mountains was captured moments before the sun made its appearance.

What a great way to start the day!

Photo #1194 – 02.21.12

Ettal Abbey

Located in the small village of Ettal outside Oberammergau, Germany (a quite lovely town!), the Ettal Abbey is a Benedictine monastery full of interesting architecture and history.  The Abbey has experienced plenty of change since it was founded in 1330, including a house of the Teutonic Knights, a Knight’s Academy in the 1700s, and even a massive fire and subsequent rebuilding that produced the impressive structure seen above.

Photo #1193 – 02.20.12

Sun Through Snowy Leaves

After a big late-October snowstorm, the colorful autumn leaves looked neat with a heavy coating of snow.  The morning after the snowfall, I was enjoying a walk around with my camera.  While I was mostly looking at the top sides of the leaves, this view toward the rising sun with a background of snowy trees caught my eye with the bright orange color.

Photo #1192 – 02.19.12

Happy 89th, Grandma!

This photo was taken around 67 years ago, when my Grandma Cook was a young 22-year-old.  Today is her 89th birthday, but she is certainly still young at heart!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Photo #1191 – 02.18.12

Pink Flowers on a Summer Day

Although we’ve hardly experienced wintery conditions the past few months, I’m definitely looking forward to spring and summer and the bountiful plant life that comes with the change in seasons.  For now, this photo of little, delicate pink flowers on a summer day will have to do, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing the first signs of spring in no time!

Photo #1190 – 02.17.12

Chocolate Moose

A visit to Disney World is always full of ooh’s and aah’s and random things that are a bit out of the ordinary.  After a huge, delicious meal at Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot’s Canada area, we ordered the chocolate mousse for dessert and received the moose in the photo above.  Not only was this a great representation of a homonym, but it was also a pretty tasty dessert!

Photo #1189 – 02.16.12

Watch Out for the Bear, Madison!

For being within inches of a big black bear, Madison sure doesn’t look like she is afraid…of course, being that Aunt Heather is protecting her, and the fact that the bear is a bit stuffed, she has little reason to be scared.

It’s Madison’s birthday, and it’s hard to believe she is already a big 6-year-old!  Happy Birthday, Madison!!