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Photo #1228 – 03.26.12

Tiffany at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City contains such a wide array of exhibits, and at times, it is fairly easy to almost overlook some beautiful pieces.  In the large courtyard of the American Wing, for instance, there are many things that could catch your eye, including an area of Tiffany stained glass that includes some large wall panels.  If one didn’t look up, it would be easy to miss a few rather large and decorative Tiffany lamps hanging from above.  Check out a photo on the Met’s website of the impressive Tiffany section of the courtyard by clicking here.


Photo #1227 – 03.25.12

Along the Buttermilk Falls Trail

While I have featured photos of Buttermilk Falls {photo #835} in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, I haven’t posted any photos taken along the rest of the trail beyond the waterfall.  This trail climbs about 1000 feet over a distance of 1.6 miles from the falls to the Appalachian Trail along the ridgetop.  The photo looks northward toward Stoke State Forest and was taken about halfway up the trail.  There were also some nice views just a little further up the trail that looked down at the valley below…it felt nice looking down and feeling like I had done a good deal of climbing!

Photo #1226 – 03.24.12

Ralph, the Bowler

Why do I have a wooden cane?  Why am I wearing a bowling shirt with the name ‘Ralph’?  What’s the deal with the plaid-patterned hat?  What happened to my beard??

I can only answer two of these four questions – the bowling shirt was from my Uncle Ralph, and this photo was taken a month before I went to the Yukon and came back with a beard.  I’m not sure about the cane and hat, but hey, it can be nice to lean on a cane from time to time.

Photo #1225 – 03.23.12

Late Afternoon on the Frozen Wheaton

(for a larger version of this panorama, click here!)

From our location deep in the Wheaton River Valley, the sun disappeared from our view by late afternoon.  But luckily, it stayed bright for a while after that, due in no small part to the snow-covered mountains that were still lit up for a while as the sun continued to fall.  This particular day ended with some fluffy clouds, a beautiful blue sky, and a small patch of the frozen Wheaton River that appeared to be opening up ever so slightly as daytime temperatures slowly increased.  This vantage point was one of my favorite places to view the dynamic and expansive landscape of the Yukon wilderness.

Photo #1224 – 03.22.12

Tilly & Leggs, Best Buddies?

On a lazy, sunny afternoon in February, Tilly and Leggs decided to put their differences aside for a bit as they relaxed on our comfortable bed.  It’s not that they don’t get along, but they generally avoid one another.  Sometimes Leggs runs over Tilly when he goes to chase his ball.  Sometimes Tilly swats at Leggs’ nose for no obvious reason.  But I guess deep down inside, they’re buddies of some sort…especially when it comes to sharing a comfy bed.

Photo #1223 – 03.21.12

Icicle Drops

Well, the spring season has officially sprung, although it’s feeling right now more like we just skipped by spring and went right to summer!  While freezing temperatures certainly aren’t out of the question, it currently seems fairly unlikely that we’ll be encountering big icicles like this one anytime before next fall/winter.  This set of icicles was rapidly melting in the sun on a warm January day last year, and while I had a rather difficult time capturing the many drips (making sure they were in focus, getting the timing down, making sure the nearby drips weren’t splashing on the camera, etc.), I thought a handful of the photos came out well.

Photo #1222 – 03.20.12

Wedding Ring Hearts

A year ago, Heather’s Uncle Todd and Aunt Patti got married, and I had fun throughout the day taking photos of anything and everything.  By the end of the evening, I thought I had managed to capture a good selection of the day’s festivities that Todd and Patti could look back on to remember the day.  At one point, I was playing around with their rings and took the above photo after I recalled seeing a photo incorporating rings and a bound book to produce shadowy hearts.  The light was just right, and I thought it produced a great effect!