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Photo #1294 – 05.31.12

Mossy Divergence

After a nice rainfall, the waters rush through the picturesque Tillman’s Ravine in Stokes State Forest.  This photo was taken near the top of the main cascade as the stream passes over smooth rocks and among lots of green moss.


Photo #1293 – 05.30.12

Loaded Wagon

Greta loves her cool Radio Flyer…and I guess Brian likes it too!  Of course, I’m pretty sure Amy prefers to pull just Greta around the yard…

Photo #1292 – 05.29.12

Smiley Jada

I’ve found it is pretty difficult to snap a photo of my niece, Jada, without her sneaking in some sort of smile.  That was certainly the case when this photo was taken a couple weeks ago at a great Mother’s Day brunch to celebrate all the mothers in our family.  What’s not to love about that smile?!?

Photo #1291 – 05.28.12

Memorial Day Honors

Today we honor the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for America.  Take a moment to reflect on what these sacrifices mean to you.

This group of veterans led the Sussex County Firemen’s Parade back in 2010 and included family friend Joe Pizzi as the closest flagbearer.  Thanks to all the veterans for their service.

Photo #1290 – 05.27.12

Camp Kitchens

When we gear up for a camping trip with family and friends, we usually end up with a car full of equipment, food, drink, and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff (like solar lights and Jagermeister flags).  But we’re usually prepared to make all kinds of delicious food and be comfortable during our long weekend.  This photo from last year shows our kitchen and tent setup next to the kitchen of our friends Ken and Lindsay.

Photo #1289 – 05.26.12

Bright Morning Meadow

While camping last Fourth of July, Heather and I went for a short walk with our cameras to see what we could find.  With a few webs scattered amongst the tall plants and an early morning sun shining down, Heather got down low to capture this shot of the meadow.

Photo #1288 – 05.25.12

Morning at the Pond

This small watering hole isn’t home to much…frogs, muck, shrubs full of red-winged blackbirds, and other typical pond stuff.  It is located up on property owned by Heather’s family where we all gather for some great campouts at least once a year.  We’ll be up there for the Memorial Day weekend and we definitely look forward to relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, and maybe not showering for a few days…camping is awesome.