Well…not quite daily recently…

Photo #1287 – 05.24.12

Home Sweet Home

And just like that, I’m finally caught up!  I posted 31 photos in the last two days (if you missed any, scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on “Older Entries”), and for those of you that get an e-mail with each new post, I apologize for the hourly barrage!

As you may have guessed, pretty much all the photos in this ‘Rapid Catch-Up’ were taken at our new home.  The photo above was taken a few months ago, so I guess we need a new one showing all the early spring growth.  We’ve been plenty busy transitioning to new homeowners, and now that spring is in full swing, we’re doing work outside as much as possible.  From flower and veggie gardens, to reseeding our lawn, to moving piles of rocks from one spot to another, we’ve been getting a lot done in our yard.  And it has been great watching all the different plants pop up all around.  Indoors, we’ve gotten pretty much settled and are definitely comfy in our new home.

So I’ll be proceeding on a much more regular schedule, and I hope you enjoy looking at my daily photographs once again.  I appreciate all the ‘Likes’ and considerate comments and certainly encourage you to share your favorite photos on Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else.  Thanks!

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