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Photo #1355 – 07.31.12

Autumn in the Woods of High Point State Park

July has quickly come to an end, and while there is still plenty of summer heat left, I’m definitely looking forward to the change in seasons come September and October.  This photo was taken last October along a short blue-blazed side trail to the Appalachian Trail in High Point State Park.  The bright sunlight enhanced the autumn colors up in the trees and down on the ground, and it is scenes like this that remind me why I enjoy hiking up in High Point so much!

Photo #1354 – 07.30.12

Kaffa: Milk Replacer for Calves

Despite the “NEW” callout, this metal farm bucket is anything but.  While the bucket originally contained a bunch of milk by-products that could be fed to young cows (“for starting and growing calves”), the bucket is now a planter in our yard.  Heather found this neat Kaffa bucket and thought it would look great mixed in with our mossy/rocky/tree-covered yard and containing some overflowing flowers.

Photo #1353 – 07.29.12

Pile O’ CDs

Remember these things?  In a time of MP3 players, streaming internet radio, YouTube videos and more, the proportion of people regularly listening to CDs has definitely decreased.  I have a few in my car that I listen to every once in a while but am otherwise all digital.

How often do you listen to music CDs??

Photo #1352 – 07.28.12

Noah & Jada

It isn’t always that easy to get these two to sit still, sit somewhat close to one another, have them both looking at the camera, and get them to have some sort of smile on their faces.  So this shot of my niece and nephew was a great alignment of all these factors.  Right after this photo, Noah tried putting some chapstick on Jada’s lips…and she wasn’t all that thrilled, so they went their separate ways.

Photo #1351 – 07.27.12

Thick Tennessee Fog

I’m pretty sure I’ve had more than a couple similar photos on here before, but the foggy Smokies in Tennessee still look pretty cool on a less-than-clear day.  This view was outside our cabin in the woods one afternoon after a day of on and off rain, and watching the low fog crawl over the nearby hills had a fairly calming effect.

Photo #1350 – 07.26.12

Bend in the Pelly River

This is a rather typical shot of the Pelly River as it winds through the Yukon Territory on its way to the Yukon River: wide bends, built up bars in the bend interior with small new growth, outer spruce-dominated forests being slowly eaten by the river, south-facing mountain slopes with very little vegetation, and everything under a bright blue sky.

Photo #1349 – 07.25.12

Twinkle Lights

Well, they’re not exactly twinkling…and it isn’t quite close to Christmas yet…but since it is Christmas in July, I thought I would post this out-of-focus Christmas tree photo since it reminds me of the soft glow of the tree on Christmas Eve that you stare at before heading to bed, hoping Santa visits your house in the next few hours…