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Photo #1416 – 09.30.12

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jada!!

Woohoo!  Today is Jada’s third birthday, and we can hardly believe she is already three years old.  She’s been growing up fast and has definitely been developing her own fun personality, and we always enjoy spending time with her.  The photo above was taken earlier today as she blew out the candle on her awesome ice cream sandwich birthday cake…you can see the excitement on her face, and she was actually so excited to blow out the candle, she couldn’t even hold in her breath during the last line of the birthday song!

Happy Birthday, Jada!


Photo #1415 – 09.29.12

Mix of Snow and Leaves

It’s almost October, which means it could snow any day now!  Well, maybe not quite, but this photo was taken at the end of October last year and serves as a reminder that the first good accumulation of snow of the year doesn’t have to occur in November or December…so enjoy the fall foliage now, but also be sure to find your boots, shovel, and sled (for after the shoveling…)!

Photo #1414 – 09.28.12

Jetty Mussels

Black mussels are interesting little bivalves.  They have all kinds of neat things, like a single foot, a couple siphons, and things called byssal threads that are actually strong fibers that mussels use to anchor themselves to whatever they might like to anchor to.  In this case, this mass of mussels was clinging to a large jetty rock along the coast of New Jersey.

To anyone that can tell me how many mussels are in the above photo, I will offer a good ol’ fashioned high-five…good luck!

Photo #1413 – 09.27.12

Go Hiking with Maps of the Jersey Highlands

Since I make maps, I’d say it is appropriate for me to promote the maps to potential users…so to anyone looking to get out on some trails this autumn in northern New Jersey or southern New York, check out some awesome trail maps!

This title, “Jersey Highlands Trails: Central North Region,” covers much of northern Morris County and portions of Sussex and Passaic counties, and there are more than 230 miles of marked trails shown on the maps.  I had no clue there were so many trails in this area until I worked on this map!  If you’d like to do some exploring yourself, click here to learn more about these maps.

Photo #1412 – 09.26.12

Happy Birthday to Kristin!!

While Kristin is not turning 8 this year, I’m sure she is wishing she still wore vibrant pink outfits with colorful polka dots…or not…

Today is my big sister’s birthday, so Happy Birthday, Kristin!  Hope you have a great day!

Photo #1411 – 09.25.12

November Moon-lit Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing bonfire on a chilly November evening with friends, especially with starry skies and a bright moon overhead.  Well, there were clear skies before the clouds rolled in on this particular night, but we didn’t mind at all.

Photo #1410 – 09.24.12

Onset of Dusk in the Wheaton River Valley

The onset of dusk near our cabin in the Yukon was always great to take in.  Our cabin (it’s not really visible in this photo, but it is located pretty much in the center of the photo back in the trees) was situated in the Wheaton River Valley with mountain ridges on all sides, which meant the sun didn’t reach us until late morning and it left us by early evening.  On this evening, I was out on the edge of the frozen Wheaton River (the snow-covered surface in the foreground), watching the sun set behind Red Ridge.