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Quick Update – Marathon Weekend

So it has been a little while since my last Daily Photograph, but I will get some great photos up soon.  I have been quite busy with a number of things, most especially training for my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, October 28th.  I am running as part of ZERO’s Dash for Dad Endurance Team, raising awareness of prostate cancer in honor of my father-in-law Tom.  Find out more about my fundraising efforts, or about prostate cancer in general, by clicking here: https://zerocancer.org/races/raise?form_id=MjQ2

I’ll be sure to provide an update afterwards to let you know how the 26.2 miles went…as long as the hurricane/nor’easter storm doesn’t blow me away!

Photo #1431 – 10.15.12

Ocean Blues

This is basically just a photo of swirling water…not all that interesting, but it sure captures some nice blue hues.  This was taken looking straight down from the back of a cruise ship down in the Caribbean, where the ship’s propulsion was creating great amounts of sea foam across the surface of the ocean.  The foam was constantly changing, and I liked contrast of dark blues with white patterns laid throughout.

Photo #1430 – 10.14.12

Lots O’ Boulders

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder what 16.5 acres of large boulders looks like?”  I’m guessing no…but if you have, then here is your answer!  This huge boulder field is located in Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania, and it is a really interesting place to explore.  I was there with fellow graduate students on a geology field trip (a few of them are carefully navigating boulders on the left), since the field represents a neat geologic mystery where the exact mechanism for how all these boulders got where they are is not entirely understood.

Photo #1429 – 10.13.12

Main Street, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

When you think “capital city”, a scene like this is probably not what you think of.  I’m not necessarily implying that Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory, is not a bustling city…because it is certainly a busy place compared to much of the surrounding small towns and endless wilderness!  But this stretch of Main Street is a great example of the down-to-earth character of the Yukon, and it had a number of great shops like a delicious bakery/coffee place (Baked) and cool book store (Mac’s Fireweed Books).  In fact, there were a bunch of great eateries and little shops all over the city that made it a cool place for a stroll about town.

Photo #1428 – 10.12.12

Leaf Play, 1986

What is it about large accumulations of dead leaves in autumn that makes playing around in them so thrilling for kids?  I’m not sure, but I would say it is just plain fun…speaking from plenty of experience, of course.  At about 2.5 years old in this photo, I was probably enjoying leaf piles for the first time, while my brother and sister were likely seasoned veterans at this point.  I don’t remember this, but I would like to imagine they showed me some classic leaf-playing techniques, like burying your sibling, tunneling through the pile, jumping out of a pile to surprise someone, and throwing a sibling into a leaf pile.  Whatever they showed me, I’m sure we had a fun time together!

Photo #1427 – 10.11.12

Purple and White Macro

Here’s a flower close-up with a bit of an in-focus/out-of-focus mixture and a nice purple and white color scheme.  I often forget just how cool flowers like this can look when you zoom in real close!

Photo #1426 – 10.10.12

Summer Sunset in New York

What’s not to love about a summer sunset, especially when you get to enjoy one on a lil’ camping trip?  The sun sank behind some clouds a bit above the actual horizon on this August evening, but it still created a great sunset sky over the rolling hills in this area of New York.