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Photo #1507 – 12.31.12

Cheers to 2012!

Cheers to 2012!

And just like that, 2012 has come and gone. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities!!


Photo #1506 – 12.30.12

Cloudy Ocean Sunset

Well, it wasn’t all that cloudy…in fact, most of the sky was clear.  But a line of small clouds near the horizon added to a neat sunset as we cruised along in a big boat in the Caribbean.

Photo #1505 – 12.29.12

Taking in the View Above Butte Creek

Butte Creek…that’s Butte with an ‘e’ at the end…is a small mountain tributary that feeds into the larger Wheaton River in the southern Yukon Territory.  Ken and I trekked along a snowmobile trail that paralleled the creek on a higher ledge, collecting snowpit data for my graduate research while continuously climbing toward the headwaters of the creek.  After finishing our last snowpit and before turning around for the hike back, we dropped our gear and climbed up the mountainside quite a bit.  The view of this little valley surrounded by snow-covered peaks was just outstanding.

Photo #1504 – 12.28.12

Fun Home Projects – Stairway Shelves

I enjoy tinkering around with tools and making things…I don’t do it all that often, but it is fun being able to put something together, especially when it is functional and doesn’t look half bad!  One project we had been wanting to do ever since buying our house at the beginning of this year was to put shelving in our stairway in an area that was just wasted space anyway.  After a couple of different designs and helpful suggestions from Heather, I installed three adjustable shelves and a few hooks for hanging extra pots and pans.  Overall, I was pretty pleased with how it came out, and we were both happy to move a few things from the kitchen that aren’t used as frequently as other things.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1502 – 12.26.12


Always one to be crafty, Aunt Heather helped Jada and Madison decorate flowerpots and plant some pretty flowers for Mother’s Day this past spring.  The two enjoyed a fun sleepover at our home and had fun painting, glitterizing, and getting dirty, not to mention also picking out the flowers they wanted from the store.  In the end, Madison went with pink flowers in a golden hued pot, while Jada went with purple flowers in a blue/purple camouflage pot…aren’t they wonderful!?

If you are ever looking for a fun little activity to keep a couple of girls busy, let them make their own flowerpots!

Photo #1501 – 12.25.12

Merry (White) Christmas!

Merry (White) Christmas!

It was a nice treat to arrive home after midnight following some Christmas Eve festivities and find a blanket of fresh-fallen snow.  So have a very Merry White Christmas!!