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Photo #1528 – 01.21.13

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. was a cool memorial to visit on a chilly evening this past November.  One of the newest memorials in D.C. (it opened in 2011), the memorial features a 30-foot-tall granite relief of the civil rights leader surrounded by peaceful waterfalls and inspiring quotes.  It was certainly impressive lit up at night!


Photo #1527 – 01.20.13

30 + 30

30 + 30

Happy Birthday today to two of my best buds, Ken and John!  They’re both that wonderful and young (well, mature young…) age of 30 today, and I hope they have a great day.

Happy 30th Birthday, Ken and John!

Photo #1526 – 01.19.13

Mount Minsi, from Mount Tammany

Mount Minsi, from Mount Tammany

If you have ever driven through the Delaware Water Gap going from New Jersey to Pennsylvania on I-80, then you have likely seen Mt. Minsi and it’s big rocky cliffs.  Mt. Minsi is on the Pennsylvania side of the Gap, and this photo was taken atop Mt. Tammany, which is on the New Jersey side.  It was quite a climb to get up to this point, but it was well worth the panoramic views!

Photo #1525 – 01.18.13

The Start of Something Delicious

My mom’s cinnamon rolls are, and have always been, the best ever.  Raisins or not (choose from the left or right side of the dish!), they are just the right consistency, have just the right amount of nuttiness and cinnamonniness, and are of course topped with a glaze that is just the right sweetness.  This is a before shot from one particular Easter batch, and I think they even look tasty in this form!

Photo #1524 – 01.17.13

Pelly Mountains in Black and White

One of my favorite mountainous views in the Yukon.  Gotta love the Pelly Mountains!

Photo #1523 – 01.16.13

Tiny Glassy Cascade

Not all waterfall shots need to be of big, impressive waterfalls…sometimes a bit of flowing water on rocks and colorful autumn leaves on a blue sky day are all you need.  That, and a tripod that allows you to get pretty low to the ground so that you can capture photos like the one above.

Photo #1522 – 01.15.13

Not-Quite-Pink Flamingo

Flamingos sure are interesting birds.  We are so used to seeing pink flamingos (as lawn decorations, as graphics, etc.), but their actual color can range from pink to reddish-orange, depending primarily on their diet.  These particular salmon-colored flamingoes were at the Bronx Zoo, and while they probably weren’t exactly eating the same things they probably would be eating out in the wild, their diet still includes the right things to give the flamingos their color.