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Photo #1567 – 03.01.13

Playing in Foam

What do you do when you’re staying at a place on the beach and a storm rolls in and creates rough surf and tons of foam??  You go and play in the foam, of course!  It was kind of gross wading through this sea foam, but hey, since we couldn’t go in the water or bake in the sun, we might as well have fun with foam.  Amy, Heather and Jodie were definitely getting their lower legs all foamy around the time this photo was taken.

Photo #1566 – 02.28.13

Dogs in the Fire

Hot dogs, that is.  Mmm, mmm, hot dogs roasted over an open fire are quite delicious, especially when they are a bit charred.  There are many different strategies for roasting the hot dog (or in this case, hot dog and a half), but whatever gets the roaster their desired dog, that is all that matters.

Photo #1565 – 02.27.13

Cloudy Day View from Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain is a great spot along the Appalachian Trail with views all around.  This is looking southeast over Frankford Township, and even though this particular day was a bit overcast, it was still a lovely autumn scene from atop the mountain.

Photo #1564 – 02.26.13

Adirondack Stickwork

This was a neat piece of Adirondack folky-ness that Heather and I saw at the Adirondack Museum.  This panel was on the side of a cabin and was maybe 3-4 feet in width.

It’s March Already…and I’m Behind!

And just like that, I’m almost 2 weeks behind with my daily photos!

My lack of daily posting is primarily a result of two things.  One, Heather is just about to enter her last month of pregnancy…which means we have been getting the baby’s room all set from painting, to putting together cribs and other furniture, to doing laundry and trying to separate 0-3 month socks from 3-6 month socks.  And two, I’m working off a computer that will be 8 years old in a few months.  What this basically means is that it is fairly painful and slow-going attempting to do simple tasks, like posting a daily photograph through this WordPress page.

So I’ll be trying to get caught up, but the good news is that we hope to have a brand new computer very soon, and the even better news is that we’re looking forward to welcoming our new arrival pretty soon too!

Thanks, and stay tuned for more photos to greet you each day!