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Photo #1584

Outdoor Shower Visitor

Really, how great are outdoor showers after a hot, sandy day at the beach?!?  Down on Tybee Island in Georgia, our rental cottage last June was quite awesome, and it included a nice outdoor shower with saloon-style doors that even Nolan enjoyed.  One day, as Heather was de-sanding herself, this little green fella gave her quite a surprise.  He was comfortably clinging to the shower-side of the one saloon door, and after our showers and a few photos (he let me get rather close for this shot), he moved around a bit before disappearing later that day.

Photo #1576 – 02.19.14

Leggs and Nolan, 14 Weeks

Nolan likes taunting Leggs…and Leggs mostly tries to avoid Nolan if he can.  But once in a while, Leggs will get cozy with Nolan, especially if he is on a blanket that he wants to lay on.  That’s what Leggs did back in July as we were taking some photos at Nolan’s 14 week mark, and they both smiled (kind of) for the camera while chillin’ on the sheep blanket.

I’m sure Leggs cannot wait for Nolan to become even more mobile than he already is!

Photo #1575 – 02.15.14

Thoughts of Spring and Butterflies

Well, it’s snowing here at home, which seems to be nothing new this winter.  We’re at about 3 inches…on top of 13 inches from a couple days ago…on top of however much from the past month!  So while I do enjoy winter and the snow, I wouldn’t mind seeing spring and summer come a bit quicker.  So here’s a lovely butterfly photo from last year to help anyone else suffering from too much winter.  It was taken at the New Jersey Botanical Garden in Ringwood State Park where there were so many cool flowers and plants.  It was my first time there, and it was a cool place to explore, so check it out this spring/summer if you’ve never been there before!

And yes, I only posted one photo in January…hopefully I can do at least two this month!  Slowly but surely…

Photo #1570 – 03.04.13

Bird…on Carpeted Stairs?

So it turns out I don’t have a whole lot of bird photos.  I enjoy watching birds and listening to them, but I really haven’t explored bird photography in depth yet.  With that being said, here is a not-great-but-kind-of-interesting bird photo that I took a few years ago.  On some carpeted steps in our apartment building, I happened to spot a little bird that must have found his way inside (probably those neighbors that always propped the back door open…).  I got a photo while he was sitting on the stairs, but he soon starting flying into the big windows all around.  I opened up the doors on either end of the building, and luckily, the bird finally found his way out.

Hopefully the next bird photos I post will have more of a natural setting!

Photo #1548 – 02.10.13

4 Cool Yukon Pups

From left to right, this is Luka, Karma (in back), Tatra, and Tagish Charlie.  The owners of the cabin in which we stayed for much of our time in the Yukon had their own cool cabin nearby along with plenty of wilderness all around, and these dogs had a good old time exploring and protecting the home.  I believe I took this photo at a time that the owners were away, so that’s why they were in their fenced-in area.  Luka, the big while fluffball on the left, was crazy protective and barked at us like crazy.  The other three were fun and playful, and they all were just another component of an awesome Yukon experience.

Photo #1531 – 01.24.13

A Few Bobolink Cows

A Few Bobolink Cows

Cows are cool, and these cows on a farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey were no exception.  This one definitely had some interesting coloration going on.  Heather and I visited Bobolink Farm last March, and we not only got to have fun with cows, but we got to do some cheese and bread tasting (everything was quite delicious!).  The farm was great, and the owners were really nice, so if you are ever in the area, stop by for a fun time (www.cowsoutside.com).

Photo #1513 – 01.06.13

Greenish Rock in the Pond…with Eyes…

Greenish Rock in the Pond...with Eyes...

I would say this frog is doing a pretty good job of blending in with the surrounding rocks in this little pond…aside from the green coloring and little eye bumps.  But if you were just walking by and not paying close attention, it would certainly be pretty easy to pass right by this little guy without noticing.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1497 – 12.21.12

Kitty Christmas

What is it about cats and Christmas that make them such a good fit?  Well, unless you don’t like cats and/or Christmas, in which case there is probably no connection at all…

This ornament combines cats and Christmas into a nice little scene.  It was a gift from my Aunt Joyce to me on the Christmas before my 3rd birthday, and I’m pretty sure it has been on the tree every year since.  Thanks Aunt Joyce!

Photo #1493 – 12.16.12


I’d like to take more photos of birds, but they are pretty hard to capture on camera.  Whether they are too far away for my lenses, or they move much too quick, I have not had much luck with most birds.  Luckily, ducks don’t have much of a problem coming close to you, and their swimming usually isn’t all that fast, so it is a lot easier to snap a shot of them.

Photo #1481 – 12.04.12

Leggs at the Falls

Leggs definitely enjoys a nice walk in the woods, and he had a great time on this particular hike through Stokes State Forest a few years ago.  We stopped for a few poses in front of Stony Brook Falls before continuing along the network of cool trails in the park.

Photo #1478 – 12.01.12

Wispy Web

I am not the biggest fan of spiders, but they are definitely interesting little creatures.  I love coming upon intricate webs during my outdoor travels, and on this particular morning a couple years ago, I stumbled upon a big meadow full of dewdrop-lined webs that were lit up by the rising sun.

I hope this spider was able to catch a poor little fly or other insect for breakfast…

Catch-Up Time! – Photo #1432 to Photo #1459

Once again, I have fallen a bit behind and need to do a rapid catch-up.  This upcoming week will mark the 4th year of Daily Photographs, and now that I’ve finished my marathon training (more on my first marathon soon!) and have power back after Sandy (8.5 days in the dark/cold…but we are good to go now!), I will hopefully be able to bring you even more great photos each day.

For now, here is a selection of recycled favorites that I have posted previously (click on the photo to read the old post), although they may be new to many of you, especially if you haven’t been following me since the beginning.  Enjoy!

Photo #1432 – 10.16.12 [photo #499]

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Photo #1434 – 10.18.12 [photo #365]

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Photo #1443 – 10.27.12 [photo #791]

Photo #1444 – 10.28.12 [photo #738]

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Photo #1447 – 10.31.12 [photo #902]

Photo #1448 – 11.01.12 [photo #1068]

Photo #1449 – 11.02.12 [photo #780]

Photo #1450 – 11.03.12 [photo #405]

Photo #1451 – 11.04.12 [photo #297]

Photo #1452 – 11.05.12 [photo #1234]

Photo #1453 – 11.06.12 [photo #710]

Photo #1454 – 11.07.12 [photo #1109]

Photo #1455 – 11.08.12 [photo #50]

Photo #1456 – 11.09.12 [photo #1000]

Photo #1457 – 11.10.12 [photo #730]

Photo #1458 – 11.11.12 [photo #352]

Photo #1459 – 11.12.12 [photo #829]

Photo #1414 – 09.28.12

Jetty Mussels

Black mussels are interesting little bivalves.  They have all kinds of neat things, like a single foot, a couple siphons, and things called byssal threads that are actually strong fibers that mussels use to anchor themselves to whatever they might like to anchor to.  In this case, this mass of mussels was clinging to a large jetty rock along the coast of New Jersey.

To anyone that can tell me how many mussels are in the above photo, I will offer a good ol’ fashioned high-five…good luck!

Photo #1394 – 09.08.12

Deep in Thought with Karma

While enjoying a bit of midday relaxation outside our cabin on the Wheaton River in the Yukon Territory one day, my buddy Ken and I were joined by two of the cool dogs on the property, Karma and Tatra.  Ken snapped this photo of Karma and I staring off into the distance…who knows what we were looking at, or what we may have been pondering.  Although I’m guessing I was just checking out the fantastic scenery all around, since I found myself doing that quite often!

Photo #1379 – 08.24.12

Just Above the Surface

This little frog didn’t trick me with his attempt to blend in with the murky pond water all around him…of course, there were probably other times I walked right by and didn’t notice, but on this occasion, I definitely spotted him in the pond.  If just a little more of his head was under the water, he would more convincingly look like the little bubbles on the water surface.  I guess one of his frog buddies will give him that advice…either that, or some bird will scoop him up…

Photo #1376 – 08.21.12

Dolly in Profile

Chickens sure are funny lookin’, especially with their comb (part above the beak) and wattle (part below the beak).  Dolly, Amy’s chicken a few years back, was no exception, although she had an overall cool coloring and was generally nice.  She even posed in profile as I took this shot through the fencing of her coop.

Photo #1367 – 08.12.12

Web of Dew

I think spider webs are great subjects to photograph, especially when they have neat patterns or other interesting features.  This web in a grassy meadow was mostly complete, full of tiny dew drops, and had a waiting spider in the middle for good measure, so I thought it was definitely worthy of a few snapshots!

Photo #1348 – 07.24.12

Walkin’ With Charlie

Our friends, Ken & Lindsay, joined us on a great Memorial Day camping trip a couple months ago, and they brought their pup Charlie along for the fun.  He’s a great camping dog, and one of the days, we all went on a long hike around the neighboring park.  Near the end, we were all getting exhausted, and Charlie was definitely looking forward to getting back, so he was trotting along pretty well when this photo was taken near our campsite along the forested woods roads.

It was a great hike!

Photo #1341 – 07.17.12

Cleaning Tilly…

No, Tilly did not go for a spin in the washer, nor did I put her in there for fun…she jumped inside all by herself and stayed long enough for me to grab my camera.  While she probably did need a good cleaning, I think the spin cycle would have probably been a bit rough… (I kid, of course!).

Photo #1330 – 07.06.12

Bull Riding at the Rodeo

I’m pretty sure Bull Rider is one profession that I can certainly add to my list of “Jobs I Would Not Be Good At”.  This professional rider was able to hold onto his bull for a few seconds before the bucking was just too much for him to handle, and he was able to get out of the ring unharmed with the help of some crazy rodeo clowns.

This photo was taken at my first rodeo last year, which was held at the farm of my sister’s brother-in-law.  It was a lot of fun, and they’re gearing up for another outstanding rodeo this autumn.  So if you’re in the northern NJ area and want to check out a rodeo, put Saturday, October 20th on your calendar! (visit the farm’s website for more details: www.greenvalleyfarms.us).

Photo #1326 – 07.02.12

Milo Up Close

My parents’ dog, Milo, enjoyed his first camping trip over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  He is around 6 months old, although his gray hair makes him look a bit elderly…  As a chihuahua/poodle mix (Chi-Poo), he is looking more and more…well, terrier-like actually.  He’s a fun puppy regardless of what he is or looks like!

Photo #1319 – 06.25.12

Majestic Bald Eagle

As you can likely tell by the concrete structures and fencing in the background (and out-of-focus in the foreground), this bald eagle was certainly not photographed in the wild…maybe the wild of New York City, but that’s about it.  Still, this beautiful bird was pretty cool to see up close at the Bronx Zoo, and he was certainly doing a patriotic pose for my camera when this shot was taken.

Photo #1264 – 05.01.12

Rapid Catch-Up #9 – Leggs the Sentinel