Well…not quite daily recently…


Remember that guy who posted daily photos once upon a time?….

I think his name was Jeremy…Whatever happened to him?!

After nearly 9 months since my last post, I thought I had better post something or else I’ll even forget about this blog!  The short answer to this question is that primarily great things have happened in the past year.  Of course, these great things have also been time-consuming/life-consuming, so it has been difficult for me to really carve out a chunk of time to get back into my Daily Photographs.

The main life-changing event since last March was the birth of my son, Nolan Thomas, in mid-April.  He is nearing 9 months in age, and it is really remarkable how fast this time has flown by.  A few words that come to mind to describe the past ~9 months — tough, exhausting, rewarding, incredible, joy.

In terms of this photo blog, for now, I’ll be shooting for posting at least a Weekly Photograph…maybe I’ll be able to work back up to Daily photos at some point!  So please check back periodically, or just sign-up with your e-mail near the bottom of the page to receive new posts as they are written.

So with that, I’ll leave you with an all-smiles family photo from Christmas.  Here’s hoping 2014 is a great year!


Photo #1557 – 02.19.13

90!  Happy Birthday Grandma Cook!!

90!  Happy Birthday Grandma Cook!!

This photo of my Grandma Cook was taken in 1945 when my grandma was just 22 years old.  Today, she turns 90, and she still has a great smile!

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma!!

Photo #1540 – 02.02.13

Take a Load Off

It’s the weekend.  Grab some wine, get comfortable, and relax.

Kristin has the right idea here.

Photo #1507 – 12.31.12

Cheers to 2012!

Cheers to 2012!

And just like that, 2012 has come and gone. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities!!

Catch-Up Time! – Photo #1432 to Photo #1459

Once again, I have fallen a bit behind and need to do a rapid catch-up.  This upcoming week will mark the 4th year of Daily Photographs, and now that I’ve finished my marathon training (more on my first marathon soon!) and have power back after Sandy (8.5 days in the dark/cold…but we are good to go now!), I will hopefully be able to bring you even more great photos each day.

For now, here is a selection of recycled favorites that I have posted previously (click on the photo to read the old post), although they may be new to many of you, especially if you haven’t been following me since the beginning.  Enjoy!

Photo #1432 – 10.16.12 [photo #499]

Photo #1433 – 10.17.12 [photo #1124]

Photo #1434 – 10.18.12 [photo #365]

Photo #1435 – 10.19.12 [photo #624]

Photo #1436 – 10.20.12 [photo #1047]

Photo #1437 – 10.21.12 [photo #14]

Photo #1438 – 10.22.12 [photo #337]

Photo #1439 – 10.23.12 [photo #989]

Photo #1440 – 10.24.12 [photo #1305]

Photo #1441 – 10.25.12 [photo #1074]

Photo #1442 – 10.26.12 [photo #206]

Photo #1443 – 10.27.12 [photo #791]

Photo #1444 – 10.28.12 [photo #738]

Photo #1445 – 10.29.12 [photo #1056]

Photo #1446 – 10.30.12 [photo #1015]

Photo #1447 – 10.31.12 [photo #902]

Photo #1448 – 11.01.12 [photo #1068]

Photo #1449 – 11.02.12 [photo #780]

Photo #1450 – 11.03.12 [photo #405]

Photo #1451 – 11.04.12 [photo #297]

Photo #1452 – 11.05.12 [photo #1234]

Photo #1453 – 11.06.12 [photo #710]

Photo #1454 – 11.07.12 [photo #1109]

Photo #1455 – 11.08.12 [photo #50]

Photo #1456 – 11.09.12 [photo #1000]

Photo #1457 – 11.10.12 [photo #730]

Photo #1458 – 11.11.12 [photo #352]

Photo #1459 – 11.12.12 [photo #829]

Photo #1409 – 09.23.12

Madison’s Fine Portrait Photography

Every once in a while, my oldest nieces Hannah and Madison will stare at the camera hanging from my neck and ask, “Can I take some pictures?!?”  As long as I can get the camera strap on their neck, I enjoy showing them how to use it, and they have both taken some good shots all on their own!  Just last night, Madison asked to take a picture of Grandma, Aunt Heather, Uncle Jer, and sister Jada, and although I am pretty sure she wasn’t exactly looking through the viewfinder, she snapped a nice ‘all smiles’ shot!

Photo #1407 – 09.21.12

Happy 10 Years to Jon & Kristin!!

Wow, 10 years…congratulations to Jon and Kristin today on the 10 year anniversary of their wedding back on September 21, 2002.  I’m sure the last 10 years have flown by with new jobs, a new home, and of course, two great kids!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!