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Photo #1533 – 01.26.13

1 Year at Our Home!

1 Year at Our Home!

And just like that, Heather and I have been homeowners for a full year!  It was a year ago that we closed on our home…but by the time we got to back to our apartment after the closing, it was pretty late, so we didn’t even get to the house that day.  We were there the next day, though, and were treated to an awesome fiery sunset on our first night at the house.

It has been a fun year of home ownership full of little projects, bigger projects, and annoying projects, and while we certainly didn’t check off everything on our “2012 To-Do” list for the house, we made some good progress and are looking forward to our 2nd year.

Photo #1422 – 10.06.12

Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

Wow, 40 years…that’s pretty unbelievable!  It was back in October of 1972 that my mom and dad got hitched, and they are still laughing and smiling together as much as ever.

This photo was taken a few years ago while on vacation up in Vermont, although it was enhanced by my brother Michael to help celebrate their 40th anniversary.  Happy 40th Anniversary!!

Photo #1407 – 09.21.12

Happy 10 Years to Jon & Kristin!!

Wow, 10 years…congratulations to Jon and Kristin today on the 10 year anniversary of their wedding back on September 21, 2002.  I’m sure the last 10 years have flown by with new jobs, a new home, and of course, two great kids!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Photo #1397 – 09.11.12

Happy 2 Years, Amy & Brian!

It’s already been 2 whole years of wonderful, amazing, and incredible wedded bliss for Heather’s sister, Amy, and her husband Brian.  This photo was taken a few months ago at cousin Amanda’s wedding (another fun one!), and they both enjoyed a night out while daughter Greta was being babysat back home.

Happy Anniversary, Amy & Brian!

Photo #1215 – 03.13.12

Happy 8th Anniversary, Michael & Robyn!

It was 8 years ago that Michael and Robyn said their vows to each other on a chilly but beautiful March day.  This photo of Michael, Robyn, Hannah, and Noah was taken this past June when we had gotten together to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  What a great family!

Happy Anniversary!!

Photo #1056 – 10.06.11

Mom, Dad,…and a Bear?!

There’s no doubt about it — my parents love to laugh together.  So when they spotted this tame bear a few months ago, they just had to have their photo taken with it.  And while they could have just stood next to the bear and smiled nice for the camera, they instead opted for a cute “put your heads close together” group shot…which resulted in both of them enjoying a good laugh.

Today, my mom and dad are celebrating 39 years of magical, wedded bliss.  So Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!!

Photo #1041 – 09.21.11

Happy 9th Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!

Check out this great lookin’ family!!  It was nine years ago today that this family started with a couple of heartfelt “I Do”s on a lovely September day.  A lot has certainly changed since then, from homes and jobs, to two wonderful girls (definitely two of my favorite nieces!).

So Happy Anniversary, Jon & Kristin!!!