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Photo #1564 – 02.26.13

Adirondack Stickwork

This was a neat piece of Adirondack folky-ness that Heather and I saw at the Adirondack Museum.  This panel was on the side of a cabin and was maybe 3-4 feet in width.

Photo #1560 – 02.22.13


Of course I had to stick my head in a little oval-shaped hole at this farm where Heather and I picked a couple pumpkins this past fall…  Do they still make huge Sears catalogs??  And isn’t the toilet paper supposed to be inside the outhouse??

Photo #1559 – 02.21.13

A Tangle & a Blue Sky

This tangle of metal was part of an art installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few years back, and it was a beautiful blue sky day in the New York City to enjoy the chaotic twists against a brilliant backdrop.

Photo #1255 – 04.22.12

ReUsed Materials at Luna Parc

In honor of Earth Day, this photo shows something that is part house, part art installation, part reused materials, and 100% wow (and maybe 100% wacky, also).  This house and its surroundings, named Luna Parc, is home to an artist who utilizes a never-ending supply of ordinary materials to produce some extraordinary pieces.  Everywhere you look, you find yourself saying something like, “Wow, that is a neat way to use ____!” (fill in the blank with anything from soda bottles to golf balls to glass electric pole insulators and a whole lot more).

Photo #1228 – 03.26.12

Tiffany at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City contains such a wide array of exhibits, and at times, it is fairly easy to almost overlook some beautiful pieces.  In the large courtyard of the American Wing, for instance, there are many things that could catch your eye, including an area of Tiffany stained glass that includes some large wall panels.  If one didn’t look up, it would be easy to miss a few rather large and decorative Tiffany lamps hanging from above.  Check out a photo on the Met’s website of the impressive Tiffany section of the courtyard by clicking here.

Photo #1150 – 01.08.12

Beaded Curtains of Light

What do you see in the above photo??  I see dangling, beaded curtains of light…as the title appropriately states.  However, if you see taillights and headlights of cars and lightposts along a major highway at night, then you get a blue ribbon and a gold star!  While riding in the passenger seat on a trip with my mom many years back, I entertained myself with the long exposure features (2 second maximum exposure) of our digital camera.  So I experimenting with moving the camera around, using the lights on the highway to paint a scene on a black-of-night canvas.  In the end, pretty much all the photos were either out-of-focus or not interesting in any way, but for some reason, I liked this one with its sweeping beads of light.

Photo #1084 – 11.03.11

Walking Through a Maelstrom

This massive stainless steel structure, called Maelstrom, was located on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art when we visited the museum back in 2009.  Heather, Shelby, and Elysia are walking right through the heart of the structure in the photo above…and actually, it reminds me of intricate veins around the heart in some ways.  It also reminds me of a familiar scene throughout northern New Jersey (and surrounding areas) of trees and branches down in yards and along the roads following the recent October snowstorm…except most of the fallen limbs are full of colorful autumn leaves and not bare like the art above!

Photo #1073 – 10.23.11

Pond Grass in Shades of Gray

What do you see in this photo?  If you see a dragon and a crocodile engaged in a deadly battle…then you have quite the imagination.  If you see bits of pond grass and their reflections against a bright sky on the surface of a still pond…then you are good at reading photo titles.

I thought this photo looked cool in color, but as a black & white photo, I like it even better as it looks more like an abstract ink drawing.

Photo #1027 – 09.07.11

Mom, As Drawn By Michael

At my Mom’s Surprise 60th Birthday Bash earlier this summer, Michael further surprised her with an outstanding drawing that she absolutely loved.  He captured a lot of detail and emotion in the drawing, and we all thought it was just awesome.  The photo above shows the proud artist and happy recipient showing off the framed piece.

Way to go, Michael!

Photo #870 – 04.03.11

Vibrant Glass Chandelier

Full of bright colors and circular blobs, this huge chandelier gives me an impression of a swarm of vibrant, shiny jellyfish.  This glass chandelier (actually, a mixture of glass and acrylic) is in the atrium of the Disney Wonder cruise ship and is one of the first things you see as you step foot on the ship.  While this photo doesn’t show its size that well, it is a pretty huge piece of art!

Photo #868 – 04.01.11

A New Home for Mom and Dad

Congratulations to my mom and dad!  Starting today, April 1, they have a new dwelling to call home.  After more than 20 years of living in a regular house, my mom and dad decided they wanted to get more in touch with nature and have a home without any of those materialistic luxuries, like running water, electricity, and front doors.  It may look like they just piled up a bunch of sticks, but let me tell you, a stick teepee as nice as this one is no easy feat to construct.

Don’t the new homeowners look happy in the photo above?!?  I wonder what we should bring to their teepee housewarming party…

Photo #807 – 01.30.11

Crazy Clock in the Woods

Have you ever been walking through the woods on a cool, autumn day and stumbled upon a cooky clock/sculpture like the one in the above photo??  If you have walked on the grounds of Luna Parc in Montague, NJ, then it is possible you have seen such a clock in the woods.  Luna Parc is a private residence that is one gigantic piece of art…an always-changing landscape of sculpture and wacky designs.  The owner/artist holds an open house during the spring and fall, and it is a pretty cool place to walk around for an afternoon.  Check it out sometime!

Photo #773 – 12.27.10

Jackson Pollock Snow

With the amount of snow and heavy winds the East Coast received today and yesterday, I’m sure many are familiar with the sight of blowing snow.  This photo is a 2-second exposure that captured the twisting paths of snowflakes blowing in front of a bright light.  To me, the photo looks more like a black canvas splattered with white paint in the style of Jackson Pollock.

Check out a neat feature on Jackson Pollock by clicking here!

Photo #697 – 10.12.10

The Great Hall at the Met

The Great Hall in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is quite majestic and a great first impression for the more than 5 million annual visitors (well, not everyone enters from 5th Ave. here…but I’d say a pretty large majority do!).  From its domed ceiling and immense archways to its marble flooring and colorful flower arrangements (which are interestingly refreshed every week), the hall offers a fitting introduction to a pretty cool museum.

This photo was taken from the balcony above the Great Hall and helps to show both the beautiful architecture as well as an entrance full of art enthusiasts rushing to see their favorite Monet or Manet.

Jack Handey’s Deep Thought of the Day: When this girl at the museum asked me whom I liked better, Monet or Manet, I said, “I like mayonnaise.”  She just stared at me, so I said it again, louder.  Then she left.  I guess she went to try to find some mayonnaise for me.

Photo #684 – 09.29.10

Andy Wearing a Napkin Headdress

Why exactly did Andy fold up a dinner napkin and place it on his head in the photo above?  We may never quite know, but I’m sure everyone would agree it is a good look for him.

Andy is celebrating his birthday today (at least, he better be celebrating!).  I hope you have a great day!  Oh, and if you want to see what a real 15th century headdress looks like, check out the painting below (circa 1445 by Rogier van der Weyden):

Lady Wearing a Gauze Headdress

Photo #526 – 04.24.10

Glass Frog

This is a frog made out of glass with little flowery glass things at the base that make all kinds of neat, distorted reflections in the rest of the glass.  I got this from Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm on a 3rd grade class trip (I think 3rd…possibly 4th or 5th…).  Quiet Valley is a small working 18th/19th century farm in northeastern Pennsylvania, and while the only real memories I have of the trip are buying this frog in the gift shop and needing to watch out for swarms of bees during our lunchtime, I’m sure we had a good time.

Heather and I actually visited the farm last year for the Pocono State Craft Festival and we had a good time checking out the area and cool crafts.

Photo #524 – 04.22.10

One of the Three R’s for Earth Day

If you ever have a huge surplus of blue bottles lying around…and I mean a huge surplus…you should definitely think about reusing those blue bottles as building blocks for an enclosure of some sort.  You could recycle them, too, but come on, who wouldn’t want to live in a ‘House of Bottle Blues’?

Anyway, today is Earth Day, so take a moment to consider your daily actions and think about your influence on the environment surrounding you.  Also, go for a hike – or at least get outdoors – maybe not today, but consider getting out for a bit to take in some good ole’ nature.  For some hiking suggestions in the NY/NJ area, click here!

Photo #481 – 03.10.10

Metal Patterns

I’m a big fan of patterns – patterns in nature, patterns in music, patterns on old barns and even patterns in antique elevator doors.  This particular elevator door was on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a fine example of very intricate designs from the early 1900s, and I just really loved how the shadows of the piece blended right in and appeared to become part of the design.

I think it looks purdy cool.

Photo #419 – 01.07.10


While I did not actually travel back in time to snap a photo of a knight in shining armor, I did take this photo at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it feels like you are stepping back in time.  In this section, there were all kinds of different suits of armor and a huge selection of weaponry.

I wonder if the horses enjoyed their shiny suits as well…

Photo #417 – 01.05.10

Happy 1st Birthday, Noah!!

It was one year ago today that little Noah Kingston Apgar came into the world.  And boy has he grown in the past year!  So happy birthday to Noah!!

The graphic above is a record album cover I created for the NEW Kingston Trio showcasing the coolest Kingston Apgars I know!  The original Kingston Trio was made up of Michael, my dad, and my grandpa.  For comparison, here is the record album cover for the real Kingston Trio:

Photo #404 – 12.23.09

Kaleidoscope Christmas Tree

If you ever come upon a kaleidoscope lying near a Christmas tree, pick it up and point it at the wonderous shining lights.  You’ll be treated to a very colorful abstract like the photo above (it’s a little blurry, but I found it was a bit difficult to focus a digital camera through a kaleidoscope…).

Try it out!

Photo #350 – 10.30.09

Maelstrom Fractal, Blue Sky

Located on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, this stainless steel installation is a pretty cool sight.  Whether viewed like the photo above with a blue sky backdrop, or with Central Park and the surrounding New York City skyline behind it, this massive (130 feet by 45 feet) structure is fractalicious.

Photo #344 – 10.24.09

Green Glass

This is a cool glass vase of some sort that is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  It is located in the American Wing and is in a section of all kinds of interesting glassworks.

I just thought this one had quite an interesting design.

Photo #343 – 10.23.09

The Creepy Collage House…Drawn by Mike Apgar, 1991

The Creepy Collage House...Drawn by Mike Apgar, 1991

At the age of 13 and 1/2, Michael submitted the above drawing into the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show “Art in Sussex County” gallery.  Armed with a photo of the haunted house (my Daily Photo from October 14th) and a bunch of colored pencils, Michael produced this masterpiece, complete with a huge full moon cutout and bats.  I don’t believe the drawing received any awards, but I think it’s still pretty cool!

Here’s the original photo again for comparison:

Haunted House of Wantage