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Photo #1578

Winter is On the Horizon

I’m back!  The last photo was posted back in February…but semi-regular photos haven’t really been posted for a much longer time period.  I don’t want to get your hopes up (or my own), but I’d really like to get back into a routine of sharing photos…so we’ll see how this goes!

Here’s a bit of background to get us up to speed — since starting this site 6 years ago (11.15.2008 was my first entry), a lot has certainly changed in my life.  Starting in 2012, I had a bit of difficulty posting a new photo every single day with both a new home and a pregnant wife, and there were multiple stretches of more than a couple weeks where I wasn’t able to post any photos.  By the time 2013 rolled along and our son Nolan was born, I completely fell off the bandwagon!  Time I might have spent picking a photo to post and write about was spent changing diapers or sleeping…  By January 2014, I hadn’t posted anything in 9 months and I attempted to get back into regular monthly or weekly postings, but even that just didn’t happen.  So now it is November 2014, and I’m giving it another go-around…the upshot of having not posted much of anything over the past 2 years is I definitely have plenty of great photos to share!

So to follow up yesterday’s Thanksgiving photo, here is a sunset shot I took this month with Nolan in our backyard.  We were doing some posed family shots in the last light of the day, and after sitting still, Nolan enjoyed being able to roam around.  We’re mostly set for winter, and we hope you are too!

Photo #1565 – 02.27.13

Cloudy Day View from Sunrise Mountain

Sunrise Mountain is a great spot along the Appalachian Trail with views all around.  This is looking southeast over Frankford Township, and even though this particular day was a bit overcast, it was still a lovely autumn scene from atop the mountain.

Photo #1562 – 02.24.13

View near Dutch Shoe Rock, Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail through High Point State Park offers some great views of New Jersey, as well as nearby Pennsylvania and New York.  Large stretches of the trail follow the rocky ridgeline, and this particular section goes right along a large exposed slab of rock.  Dutch Shoe Rock is a great destination in the fall to catch some of the fall foliage surrounding Lake Rutherford in the park.

Photo #1560 – 02.22.13


Of course I had to stick my head in a little oval-shaped hole at this farm where Heather and I picked a couple pumpkins this past fall…  Do they still make huge Sears catalogs??  And isn’t the toilet paper supposed to be inside the outhouse??

Photo #1553 – 02.15.13

Orange October Mums

It’s still winter, and that means autumn is still a long ways off…but I love vibrant fall-colored flowers in fall.  These orange mums sat in the front yard in our old cow pail this past October, and they fit in pretty well with all the fallen leaves.

Photo #1549 – 02.11.13

The Hudson River in the Adirondacks

Usually when I think of the Hudson River, I think of the wide watery expanse that separates New Jersey from New York City…and so I don’t really associate picturesque scenes like the photo above with this great river.  That isn’t to say there is no great scenery along the lower Hudson, but it’s not quite the same as this stretch in the Adirondacks near the headwaters of the Hudson.  This particular section was located near the town of North Creek, the mix of fall color and evergreens along the riverbanks was just fantastic.

Photo #1523 – 01.16.13

Tiny Glassy Cascade

Not all waterfall shots need to be of big, impressive waterfalls…sometimes a bit of flowing water on rocks and colorful autumn leaves on a blue sky day are all you need.  That, and a tripod that allows you to get pretty low to the ground so that you can capture photos like the one above.

Photo #1482 – 12.05.12

Islands of Blue Mountain Lake

On a visit to Blue Mountain Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks last fall, the weather conditions were not all that wonderful.  However, after a bit of pouring rain and dense fog that made it difficult to see anything at all, we were treated to a clearer view of the lake from the Adirondacks Museum as the rain and fog moved out of the area temporarily.  The lake is very pretty with all of its scattered islands, and hopefully the next time we visit, we’ll be able to see the blue waters of Blue Mountain Lake under a clear blue sky!

Photo #1474 – 11.27.12

A Few Leaves in the Backyard…

Having a home in the woods with tall trees on and around the property is really great.  Really, really great…at least, that is what I tried telling myself as the fallen leaves piled up everywhere this autumn.  The photo above shows a small portion of our backyard with not only a nice covering of fallen leaves, but also a fairly full canopy of leaves that haven’t even fallen yet!  Luckily, I was able to get the assistance of my brother-in-law, Brian, and after a couple of long days of raking and blowing leaves, I think we have been able to rid our yard and gardens of most of the leaves.

So for now, I would say it’s still great living in the woods, even if it means a few days of aching shoulders and backs…however, we definitely want to cut down a couple trees sooner rather than later, so maybe we’ll have a few less leaves to deal with come this time next year!

Photo #1428 – 10.12.12

Leaf Play, 1986

What is it about large accumulations of dead leaves in autumn that makes playing around in them so thrilling for kids?  I’m not sure, but I would say it is just plain fun…speaking from plenty of experience, of course.  At about 2.5 years old in this photo, I was probably enjoying leaf piles for the first time, while my brother and sister were likely seasoned veterans at this point.  I don’t remember this, but I would like to imagine they showed me some classic leaf-playing techniques, like burying your sibling, tunneling through the pile, jumping out of a pile to surprise someone, and throwing a sibling into a leaf pile.  Whatever they showed me, I’m sure we had a fun time together!

Photo #1419 – 10.03.12

Adirondacks Winding Road – Etsy Print

Scenic, winding roads out in the middle of nowhere are always a nice treat.  That was definitely the case on this drive through a portion of Adirondack Park east of Lake George.  The October foliage contrasted well with the mix of evergreens, and this particular location had a great atmosphere about it.

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Photo #1415 – 09.29.12

Mix of Snow and Leaves

It’s almost October, which means it could snow any day now!  Well, maybe not quite, but this photo was taken at the end of October last year and serves as a reminder that the first good accumulation of snow of the year doesn’t have to occur in November or December…so enjoy the fall foliage now, but also be sure to find your boots, shovel, and sled (for after the shoveling…)!

Photo #1411 – 09.25.12

November Moon-lit Bonfire

There’s nothing like sitting around a blazing bonfire on a chilly November evening with friends, especially with starry skies and a bright moon overhead.  Well, there were clear skies before the clouds rolled in on this particular night, but we didn’t mind at all.

Photo #1408 – 09.22.12

Time to Get Out the Rake…

It is now officially autumn, which means it is time to dig out the rake and/or leaf blower and get ready for the onslaught of colorful falling leaves.  Along with all that back-aching work, it also means it is almost time to create big leaf piles for jumping into!  This photo illustrates what can happen when my parents and I have a little too much fun with dead leaves…

Happy Fall!

Photo #1406 – 09.20.12

Babbling Brook in Autumn – Etsy Print

Autumn officially begins here in the northern hemisphere in only a couple days, so I thought I would post this autumn scene to get everyone in the mood.  Taken on a hike in Stokes State Forest in northwestern New Jersey, this photo features the Flat Brook as it passes through a neat stretch of mixed deciduous/coniferous forest and boulders of various sizes.  It was pretty peaceful sitting on a big boulder out in the middle of the brook to capture this shot, and I would definitely suggest making some plans to go on some autumn hikes!

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Photo #1400 – 09.14.12

Chock Full of Apples

Fall is quickly approaching, and Heather and I are looking forward to some fresh batches of applesauce and other apple goodness!  We stumbled upon this plethora of apples last October at Pochuck Valley Farms in Vernon, NJ.  If you’re looking for a fun place to pick a pound or two of apples…or even forty pounds…this is a great place to go.  They are even celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and they’ve got some great apple cider doughnuts that are quite satisfying after walking through the fields gathering apples.

Photo #1393 – 09.07.12

Silky Falls

This 1-second exposure of some falls in High Point State Park was one of many I took on an outing last October.  There was plenty of water flowing over the jagged rocks to make for some silk-like flows.

Photo #1385 – 08.30.12

Black Dome Range Trail Foliage

The northern Catskills in early October can be really colorful.  A hike along the Black Dome Range Trail a few years ago provided plenty of bright yellow, orange, and red foliage to heighten the fall hiking experience.  If you haven’t experienced fall in the Catskill Mountains of New York, definitely try to plan a trip during peak foliage season!

Photo #1381 – 08.26.12

Foggy Adirondacks Autumn Day

Even on a day of sour weather with on-and-off pouring rain and periods of dense fog, the Adirondacks in October still manages to be a beautiful place.  During a break in the rain near Blue Mountain Lake, I thought the foggy mountainside of peak- to past-peak autumn foliage looked very pretty, especially with all the white branches scattered throughout the scene.

Photo #1373 – 08.18.12

Rock & Water

On a trip to Rutherford Falls in High Point State Park last year, I enjoyed trying out a number of different vantage points and techniques for photographing waterfalls and water in general.  This shot involved filling half the frame with rushing water and half with wet, leaf-speckled rock, and taking a long exposure to give the water a smoother texture.  I’m a fan of rocks, waterfalls, and autumn, so I like the mix in this photo.  I’m also a fan of blue skies, which can be seen as the bits of blue reflected in the shimmering rock surface.

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming fall?!?

Photo #1366 – 08.11.12

Choppy Lake George

On a cool fall day, a boat ride around Lake George can be a fun way to spend a couple hours.  This southern section of the Adirondacks had some great foliage around the time we visited, and even though it got quite windy on the boat at times, we had a fun time cruisin’ around the lake.

Photo #1355 – 07.31.12

Autumn in the Woods of High Point State Park

July has quickly come to an end, and while there is still plenty of summer heat left, I’m definitely looking forward to the change in seasons come September and October.  This photo was taken last October along a short blue-blazed side trail to the Appalachian Trail in High Point State Park.  The bright sunlight enhanced the autumn colors up in the trees and down on the ground, and it is scenes like this that remind me why I enjoy hiking up in High Point so much!

Photo #1331 – 07.07.12

Blue, White, Green & Orange

The morning after a big snowfall can reveal some really beautiful scenes, and that was certainly the case following the big snowstorm we experienced at the end of last October.  The mixture of foliage colors, snow, and brilliant sky made for a lovely morning after the storm.

Photo #1318 – 06.24.12

Curtains of Water at Rutherford Falls

Rutherford Falls is a bit off the beaten path in High Point State Park, but it is definitely worth the hilly trek to enjoy the tranquil serenity of its multiple cascades.  This particular drop wasn’t the largest, but it did create some neat curtains of water over the wide rocky ledges.