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Photo #1497 – 12.21.12

Kitty Christmas

What is it about cats and Christmas that make them such a good fit?  Well, unless you don’t like cats and/or Christmas, in which case there is probably no connection at all…

This ornament combines cats and Christmas into a nice little scene.  It was a gift from my Aunt Joyce to me on the Christmas before my 3rd birthday, and I’m pretty sure it has been on the tree every year since.  Thanks Aunt Joyce!

Photo #1341 – 07.17.12

Cleaning Tilly…

No, Tilly did not go for a spin in the washer, nor did I put her in there for fun…she jumped inside all by herself and stayed long enough for me to grab my camera.  While she probably did need a good cleaning, I think the spin cycle would have probably been a bit rough… (I kid, of course!).

Photo #1224 – 03.22.12

Tilly & Leggs, Best Buddies?

On a lazy, sunny afternoon in February, Tilly and Leggs decided to put their differences aside for a bit as they relaxed on our comfortable bed.  It’s not that they don’t get along, but they generally avoid one another.  Sometimes Leggs runs over Tilly when he goes to chase his ball.  Sometimes Tilly swats at Leggs’ nose for no obvious reason.  But I guess deep down inside, they’re buddies of some sort…especially when it comes to sharing a comfy bed.

Photo #1196 – 02.23.12

Tilly Loves Computers

Tilly is great at doing lots of things…like helping Heather with her crafts, crying for food, and lying on practically anything from paper to plastic bags.  Apparently, judging by the photo above, she is also a computer wiz…either that, or we can add computers to the list of things Tilly likes to sit on.

I’d probably go with the second choice…

Photo #1015 – 08.26.11

Tiki (aka Tiki Bird)

Check out those long whiskers on Tiki’s face!  Tiki (also known as Tiki Bird…) is Amy’s cat, and I guess his name comes from the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction at Disneyworld…although there might be a bit of Tiki Barber from the NY Giants in there as well

Tiki was very curious about my camera and flash as I was taking photos of newborn Greta {photo #991} recently.  He actually posed very nicely for the camera, but quickly made it clear that all he really wanted was for me to pet him.  I, of course, gave Tiki plenty of attention following this mini-shoot.

Photo #925 – 05.28.11

Yin Yang Kitties

I’m not sure why, but Ashes and Jasper enjoyed laying/sleeping like this pretty often.  And while gray Ashes isn’t a complete contrast from the black of Jasper, they do look a little like a yin yang symbol.  These two were quite the interesting brothers.

Photo #890 – 04.23.11

Heather’s Crafting Assistant, Tilly

Whenever Heather is working on a crafting project of some sort (I believe she was working on something for a christmas gift here), she can count on Tilly on being right there to help.  She lends a helping paw in many different ways…from laying in fabric, to laying in various paper materials, to just laying right next to Heather’s work area.

On second thought, I guess she doesn’t help that much since she is mostly just laying around…