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Photo #1585

Jeremy’s Childhood Stuff:  Care Bears


Ah yes, Christmas day 1985…what a glorious morning that was.  My sister got some ‘Princess of Power’ and Ken dolls, my brother got some Transformers (including an awesome Optimus Prime huge truck), a motorized Construx set, and a belt…and I, I got a box full of awesome Care Bears figures (I also got a huge red Tonka firetruck on Christmas Eve).  Of course, I don’t remember any of this, being a little more than 2.5 years old, but luckily we’ve got some great photos to fill in the gaps (thanks Mom and Dad!).

I may not remember that morning, but I do remember the Care Bears figures.  My mom said I played with them quite a lot, and I especially can think of playing with a green one with a shamrock and a lion one.

Flash forward almost 30 years, and I’ve finally grabbed tons of my childhood toys, games, trophies, sports memorabilia, junk, etc. from my parents’ attic (so stay tuned for more childhood memories centered around this stuff!).  Amongst all the goodies, we found a beat-up bag full of 20 Care Bears figures, and with a little scrubbing, they look almost brand new!  The photo below shows them all lined up after their cleaning, and now they are ready for Nolan to play with himself.  Maybe he’ll like playing with them as much as I did!

In case you are interested, the inspiring names of these figures are (from left to right, front to back):  Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Funshine Bear, Birthday Bear, Grams, Baby Hugs, Baby Tugs, Champ Bear, Share Bear, Professor Coldheart, Cozy Heart Penguin, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Swift Heart Rabbit, Bright Heart Raccoon, Brave Heart Lion, and Cloudkeeper.

Photo #1583

Toppled Nolan on Christmas Eve


Taking photos of infants can be fun, lots of fun actually.  It can also be fairly frustrating, but mostly fun.

A year ago, on Christmas Eve, we were attempting to take photos of Nolan in his Christmas pajamas in front of our tree.  Nolan, however, had other plans, and he didn’t really feel like sitting nice in front of the tree.  Instead, he plopped down on his back and started trying to grab any ornament he could reach.  It was, as usual, funny just to watch him play around, and it’s nice to get non-posed photos of babies just being babies.  We’ll see tonight if Nolan wants to get Christmas Eve photos in his pajamas again…and if he won’t mind sitting still in front of the tree for a second or two.

Have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Photo #1581

Nolan Loves Saint Nicholas


Christmas is fast approaching…and as you can see, Nolan is super excited!!  Well, he has enjoyed the finding-a-Christmas-tree, and the house decorating (especially all the lights), but he was not all that thrilled to be sitting in Saint Nicholas’ lap last weekend.  At least he didn’t cry and wail, and he had a fun rest of the day checking out the Bethlehem Christkindlmarkt.

Photo #1571 – 03.05.13

Noah Paints a Car

My nephew Noah loves his cars.  So you can definitely understand his excitement when he got a crafty paintable car for Christmas.  He was able to not only play with messy paints, but also make his own model car.  He did take a quick break to smile big for the camera before going back to painting his wheels.

Photo #1546 – 02.08.13

Christmas Eve Snow Shrimp

This past Christmas Eve, Heather’s Uncle Jakie braved a bit of Christmas snow to cook up some big barbecue shrimp.  Thankfully, the shrimp were delicious and his efforts were not in vain.

Photo #1536 – 01.29.13


Oh cinnamon-y goodness that is a snickerdoodle, how I enjoy thee.

These snickerdoodles that Heather made this past Christmas were of course delicious, and I am longing right now for a couple of these…

Photo #1517 – 01.10.13

Bubbles in the Night

Bubbles in the Night

I took this photo of a glowing, bubbling Christmas decoration to capture some of the fun decor in our home…but I think the photo turned out a little eerie and doesn’t exactly exude Christmas cheer.  The reddish-orange glow is a little disturbing, as are the elongated ‘eyes’ on the wall behind the bubbler.

Did anyone ever have these bubbler things on their Christmas trees?  I remember my neighbor had a bunch of them on his tree and I thought they were neat.

Photo #1503 – 12.27.12

Leggs on Christmas Day

Leggs likes the snow…kinda.  He doesn’t go crazy in it and roll all over the place, but he also isn’t afraid of the white fluff.  So we enjoyed tromping around the yard on Christmas morning through the light covering of snow.  And as always, Leggs had no problem sitting and staring off into the distance for a photo-op…he probably thought he saw a squirrel or bird off in the woods…

Photo #1501 – 12.25.12

Merry (White) Christmas!

Merry (White) Christmas!

It was a nice treat to arrive home after midnight following some Christmas Eve festivities and find a blanket of fresh-fallen snow.  So have a very Merry White Christmas!!

Photo #1500 – 12.24.12

Merry Christmas Eve…from 1988!

Merry Christmas Eve...from 1988!

1988 was probably a good year…I don’t remember exactly what happened that year, but I was 5 and we had just recently moved into our house, so I’m sure I had a fun year.  Plus, I’ve got a nice smile on my face in this photo that was taken on Christmas Eve.  Doesn’t Kristin look swell in her dress?  And Michael’s zig-zag sweater is quite cool.  And it looks like we made a paper chain to put on the tree this year…who knew you could have so much fun with a little stapler and strips of colored construction paper?!

Merry Christmas Eve!!  And Happy 1500th Daily Photograph!!!

Photo #1499 – 12.23.12

Leg Lamp Cake for “Rodger”

Leg Lamp Cake for "Rodger"

Fans of “A Christmas Story” will certainly recognize the artwork on this fine cake.  Last year, Heather’s Uncle Roger turned the big 6-0 and got to blow out the candles on an awesome leg lamp cake…and aside from the slight misspelling of his name, he enjoyed it very much!

Uncle Rog is unfortunately in the hospital right now trying to get better after a burst appendix and other infections.  He’ll likely be in the hospital over Christmas, but hopefully he’ll be able to watch some of the “A Christmas Story” marathon to keep his spirits up!

Photo #1498 – 12.22.12

Dear Santa

I hope you have managed to stay on Santa’s nice list this year!

Photo #1497 – 12.21.12

Kitty Christmas

What is it about cats and Christmas that make them such a good fit?  Well, unless you don’t like cats and/or Christmas, in which case there is probably no connection at all…

This ornament combines cats and Christmas into a nice little scene.  It was a gift from my Aunt Joyce to me on the Christmas before my 3rd birthday, and I’m pretty sure it has been on the tree every year since.  Thanks Aunt Joyce!

Photo #1494 – 12.17.12

Santa Matches

Gotta love a good ole’ cylindrical Santa that holds extra long matches for the fireplace!

Photo #1475 – 11.28.12

Union Square Holiday Market

If you are ever looking for something to do in New York City on a nice late November/early December day, head on down to the Union Square Holiday Market for a neat selection of vendors selling their wares.  Heather and I went to the market last year and were pretty impressed with the wide selection of offerings.  From handmade crafts to artwork, jewelry to chocolate, there was plenty to check out, and we eventually found a cute handmade gift for our niece Greta.  So if you are in the neighborhood before Christmas, go check it out: http://urbanspacenyc.com/union-square-holiday-market

Photo #1349 – 07.25.12

Twinkle Lights

Well, they’re not exactly twinkling…and it isn’t quite close to Christmas yet…but since it is Christmas in July, I thought I would post this out-of-focus Christmas tree photo since it reminds me of the soft glow of the tree on Christmas Eve that you stare at before heading to bed, hoping Santa visits your house in the next few hours…

Photo #1136 – 12.25.11

Merry Christmas from Two Tree Huggers!

From Heather and I, Merry Christmas to All!

Photo #1135 – 12.24.11

Christmas with Santa, 1986

Ya gotta love old Polaroids!  These three Polaroids were taken on December 23, 1986 as the three of us made our final pleas with Santa to bring us some awesome toys.  I guess Michael was almost too much of a big boy for this Santa lap business, as evidenced by his non-sitting stance and hands in his coat pocket look.  Kristin was all smiles, thinking about the Cabbage Path Kids and Barbies she’d be unwrapping soon enough.  As for me, with my favorite Oscar the Grouch knit hat and awesome velcro sneakers, I was probably just thinking how much longer I’d have to sit on this guy’s lap…and why are my legs so cold all of a sudden?

Photo #1134 – 12.23.11

Mickey on the Tree

These Mickey and Minnie ornaments (Minnie is somewhat visible in the background) might be the smallest ornaments on our Christmas tree…the regular-sized hook from which Mickey is hanging should give a good idea of scale.  This is one of a number of photos I took experimenting with different lenses and flash units, using the ornaments, tree, and other decorations to try out various techniques.

Photo #1129 – 12.18.11

Jada Claus

Last Christmas, little Jada was having a good ol’ time with her presents…not so much with the contents, but rather the wrapping paper and pretty bows.  Add a big Santa hat to the mix, and what you get is Jada Claus…she’s got some big shoes to fill, but I’m sure she’ll have no problem, especially since she is already armed with a couple of bows to put on presents.

Photo #1125 – 12.14.11

Looking for Santa

Leggs is a big fan of Santa Claus…especially when he passes by each year on a big red fire truck!  On this particular Christmas morning, Santa had already come and gone, but it seemed like Leggs was still looking for him outside.  Or, he may have been looking at a deer, which is a more likely explanation.  One thing he certainly was not doing was posing in front of the tree with a santa hat on his head, which is why the hat is on the ground in the photo above.

Christmas will be here soon enough, and Leggs cannot wait!

Photo #1115 – 12.04.11

Christmas Tree Bokeh

This array of colorful orbs of light is actually a standard lit-up Christmas tree…except for being a wee bit out of focus!  In photography, this kind of blur is referred to as bokeh, and this technique is often used to create photos with sharp boundaries between in-focus and out-of-focus areas (for instance, a portrait of someone where the face is nice and sharp while the background is completely blurred).  Points of light like this can create some neat effects as well, and I might try to experiment with this effect on our tree this year!

Photo #983 – 07.25.11

Merry Christmas…in July!!

While the halfway-point to Christmas was a month ago, “Christmas in June” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Christmas in July” (must be that extra syllable).  So today, think of snowballs, ornaments, toy trains, Christmas carols, and whatever else might remind you of the 25th of December.

Merry Christmas in July!

Photo #861 – 03.25.11

Mmm, Gorilla Bread

Now this here was some delicious gorilla bread.  Full of cream cheese, cinnamon, and biscuity-goodness, these clumps of gorilla bread were made by Heather this past Christmas morning and were a great way to start off the day.  You cannot go wrong with a bit of gorilla bread!